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Whether you are a corporate leader, manager, or team member, you can reach even greater heights in people skills, cross teamwork, change leadership, and superior customer service with my 25 years of global experience.

Large corporations in diverse industries, large law firms, healthcare organizations and special niche groups like Information Technology (IT) and other technical teams, make significant practical improvements with my help especially in tough times of change.

About Kate

I turn diverse interaction obstacles into business assets especially in tough times of change.

With workplace interaction now global, the people skills challenges of diversity are impacting results more than ever before.

What challenges in customer experience, teamwork, and adapting to change do you want to transform into assets? Together we can harness the power of your team's cultural, generational, and personality strengths for dynamic teamwork and superior customer experience.


Kate spoke at our November 2013 meeting and wowed the audience with her very positive personality. She was engaging and funny but most of all she provided powerful insight into human nature and how to make a professional impact. Her inspiring wisdom will help us elevate our administrative assistant image from "taken for granted" to "recognized and appreciated."

I would recommend Kate to any organization or company whose employees or teams require motivation and a bright spark!

Thank you,
Babs Johnson, President
IAAP Morris County Chapter

Babs Johnson, President, IAAP Morris County NJ


Are Great People Skills Inborn?

No, not in everyone. Yet most everyone can learn them. Moreover, personality differences and global diversity make interactions with colleagues and customers ripe for miss-hits and conflicts.

If you want great customer service, teamwork, and leadership in your organization, you must train and develop professional people skills.

Decision makers have chosen my people skills workshops for:

Inspiration, practicality, customized targeted solutions. No fluff -- real change to meet your true challenges.


"I take you from dilemmas and details to decisions and solutions."

Which of these challenges are you facing?

Leaders at all levels face challenges needing a different perspective on leading change, teamwork, customer service, productive organizational structures, and developing empowerment and accountability.

I have advised and developed solutions for managers, directors, VPs, and Senior VPs. My special niche is advising technical teams e.g.  IT, engineers, lawyers, and doctors.


As The People Skills Coach™, I honor, engage, and uplift your audience with humor, energy, true life stories, logic, and highlights of the absurdities we all face on a broad range of topics.

I inspire leaders, managers, and teams to crave accountability by tapping their natural desire for work and life to be better.

My interactive style engages their mind, reduces their blocks, and kick starts new people skills behaviors in leadership, employee engagement, teamwork, and customer service. With audiences large or small, I activate their participation with questions, mini-exercises, and a caring boldness.

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ITCustomerService.com is now part of my domain. As I celebrate my 25th year in business working with IT organizations on customer service, people-skills, teamwork, and leadership, I welcome all IT organizations to my professional family.