10 Winning Beliefs for Superior Customer Experience

If we want our customers to have a superior customer experience, we need to examine our beliefs. What we think affects what we do.

This is true in every aspect of business especially in working with customers. The advantage to us, besides success with customers, is tremendous career success and happiness through greater self-awareness.

10 Winning Beliefs for Superior Customer Experience

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10 Winning Beliefs for Superior Customer Experience

  1. Customers cannot observe our intentions. Treat them well.

  2. The customer’s voice echoes forever. Of course they talk about us. What they say is actually up to us.

  3. Persist when you sense potential; shift and innovate when you see futility. Never let frustration with a customer stop you from giving great care and finding a solution!

  4. Make customer experience easy! Count the number of hoops you ask customers to jump through & you’ll find the places they may jump ship! Leave the hoops for basketball.

  5. Courtesy and civility do not undo our authenticity. They allow the customers to easily embrace it. An authentic smile changes everything! Authenticity is not an excuse for being blunt or rude to customers.

  6. A customer’s trust is an invitation for a human bond. Our actions RSVP the truth about us and foretell the customer’s next choice.

  7. There is a difference between service and servitude. The first you choose; the second you don’t. What choice will you make for your career?

  8. A sincere apology is the quickest way to repave the road of customer trust. Waffling, defending, and delay leaves a trail of mistrust.

  9. Our future is behind every customer. The customer is the heart of our success. It beats for our future. Maintain heart health!

  10. When we hold resentment in our hearts, we deliver far below our capabilities. Learn objective caring to prevent taking customers’ criticisms personally.

What winning beliefs would you add to this list? We can do many things to deliver great customer experiences and turn any negative moment into a positive customer experience and memory.

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This will be a great preparation for National Customer Service Week! I am looking forward to helping you and your teams.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™

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6 Responses to “10 Winning Beliefs for Superior Customer Experience”

  1. Kimb Manson says:

    Great article Kate, as you know, for me personally my entire success is based on customer service. From over 25 years in the hospitality business I learned the golden rule that the customer is always right, or at least you make them feel as if they are. Over the years I experienced many uncomfortable situations in dealing with that one specific rule, but as long as you stick to it, without loosing self, the customer feels they have been treated fairly.

    No matter what route you take to creating that customer bond, and trust every road leads to your second point “The customer’s voice echoes forever”. If a customer is not happy they will never stop mentioning it, as long as your business is open, it could be 25 years down the road and they will still talk about their negative experience.

    Having that voice echoing forever in a happy note continuously paves the path to new customers coming to your door. And the best part, if you provide that kind of customer service, you will have happy customers walking new clients right to you and opening the door for them.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      And you walk that talk Kimb! You are a model for every graphics designer/artist who transforms their creative talent into business success — for themselves and all the customers.

      Kudos and thanks,

  2. Kate,

    A slight rif on number 4 Make the customer experience easy:

    “A bad process will beat a good person every time”

    Make it easy for your employees to do the right things for your customers, don’t expect them to be heroic super humans, few of them are and even superman makes mistakes


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Nice add James. I agree James to the extent that truly difficult (customer unfriendly) processes are a killer for customer experience. Beyond that, I do think that customer service is a profession and it is time to expect and train employees to rise to great levels of service. They can do it! Purely scripted, just press the button, non-thinkers are not the bar we want to set for great customer experiences.

      Many thanks for expanding this discussion.

  3. Khalid says:

    I think the key to excellent customer service is not only to make customers buy our products but it’s how we make customers feel afterward that wins a lifetime customers.

    The less congnitave dissonance we leave customers with after the purchase the more likely we ensure his or her repurchase :)


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