Leaders at all levels face challenges needing a different perspective.  I have advised and developed solutions for managers, directors, VPs, and Senior VPs on teamwork, customer service, productive org. structures, and personnel development.

I take you from dilemmas and details to decisions and solutions.   My special niche is technical teams e.g.  IT, engineers, lawyers, and doctors.

Which of these challenges are you facing?

  • Getting from details to decisions
    Organizations use me as a meeting facilitator to move them to decisions sooner. I know how to get diverse leaders/teams that are stuck in the data to see the bigger picture and move to action.

  • Difficult employee or peer or boss
  • Building more initiative and accountability in teams
    Teams who are overwhelmed with change, pressure deadlines, and organizational boundaries may slip in initiative and accountability — until Kate breathes new life into their outlooks. Key thought – accountability is not about blame; it’s about success!

  • Invigorating teams after a downsizing or other major change
  • Leading those you used to work with – from peer to boss
  • Teamwork between and among teams
  • Reorganizing teams for best effect
  • Gelling teams w/different personalities, cultures, generations, and backgrounds
    Diversity an be either a block or an asset to business success. It’s only a block when you ignore it and the divide widens. It’s an asset when you tap Kate’s diverse background and experience in turning diversity into the greatest asset your company has.

Why me?  Former techie turned people-skills guru with both detail and big picture abilities! Intelligent, creative and practical problem solver, 22 years facilitation experience in various verticals of large corporations, professional practices, and mid-size companies. MA Organizational Psychology.

Where/How?  Different mechanisms – at your site, on the phone, and via video-conferencing.

Fee Structure: I will give you a quote after we speak. I am open and straightforward about the fees and I don’t push or hard sell you. It will be your informed decision.