Use 15 Not So Obvious People Skills Truths

People Skills Truths: Image is stacking rings.

15 people skills truths from The People Skills Coach™ for positive interactions about success in business. Especially helpful for technical professionals, doctors, scientists & non-intuitive types.

Leaders, Are Your Teams Uncomfortable With Generosity?

Leaders, Are You Uncomfortable With Generosity   Image by:Howard Lake

Leaders who want employee engagement do well when they develop a culture of generosity. Would your teams welcome it? Before you jump in and say yes, explore these thoughts.

Leadership Connection: Connecting to Inner Circle Removes These Threats

Leaders, Connect With Inner Circle to Remove Threats   Image by:JimmyMac210

Top leadership connection to inner circle removes these key threats to success. Connect and engage to succeed. In today’s world, no news is not good news. Latest from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership Dilemma: Self-Serving High Performing Team Member

Leadership Dilemma: Image is a sky scraper type structure.

A very telling teamwork case study of a leadership dilemma with a self-serving team member. Lessons learned from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership Reawakening: People Not Processes Create & Innovate

Leadership Reawakening: Image is of business people in meeting w/ flow chart on wall.

Leaders, is your organization process driven. Even addicted to process? Launch a leadership reawakening. Ignite and engage employee innovation this way. People, not process, create and innovate!

Career: 25 Incredibly Valuable Things to Be Instead of Leader

25 Incredibly Valuable Things to Be Instead of Leader

Leaders & organizations that salute talent who don’t want to move up the ladder, attract & retain the best. Celebrate these 25 and have your team add far more to this list! Great team building activity that delivers organizational success.

Teamwork Persona: Are You Someone Others Want to Work With?

Teamwork Persona: Image is teammates working on a creative project.

Teamwork persona: As you develop your career, ask yourself: Will others want to work with me? Work persona checklist from The People Skills Coach™.

Harmony is #PeopleSkills Chat Topic July 19th. JOIN us 10amET!

Love: Image is the people skills logo.

Harmony at work is valuable and often misunderstood. JOIN People Skills global Twitter chat SUN. July 19th. Guest hosting for Kate Nasser is Jandis Price.

11 Steps to Be Authentic & Not Scare People Away | #peopleskills

Be Authentic Without Scaring People Away Image is Titan Moon.

To be authentic you must balance your needs w/ others. Else it’s not authentic, it’s obnoxious. Here’s how fr The People Skills Coach™. Leadership Teamwork Employee Engagement!

Diverse Workplace Collaboration: JOIN #PeopleSkills Chat March 29

Love: Image is the people skills logo.

Diverse workplace collaboration brings out the best from everyone. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community to explore connection & collaboration.

The 12 People Skills of Remarkable Collaboration & Teamwork

12 People Skills. Image is circle of humans holding hands.

When you use these 12 people skills, your collaboration and cross teamwork soar. Leadership and career insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Conflict to Collaboration #PeopleSkills Chat Topic – JOIN Dec. 7th

Love: Image is the people skills logo.

People skills global Twitter chat (#peopleskills) will explore the journey from conflict to collaboration. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ Sunday Dec. 7th 10amET.

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Leadership Self-Awareness: 13 Lies Weak Leaders Bequeath to Everyone

Leadership Self-Awareness: Image is a bridge occluded with dense fog.

Leaders, are you living these lies & bequeathing them to everyone? Insight on leadership self-awareness fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership Humility: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat 11/23 10am ET

Love: Image is the people skills logo.

Is leadership humility a strength or weakness? Does it evoke trust or suspicion? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community in Twitter chat to discuss.

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Two Magical Words for Best 21st Century People Skills | #peopleskills

Two Magical Words: Image is a magician's wand & hat.

What two magical words do you think would enhance interactions for teamwork, collaboration, & innovation? Answer fr The People Skills Coach™.

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