People Skills: Speak Sooner to Prevent Needless Conflict

People-Skills: Speak Sooner to Clear the Fog & Prevent Needless Conflict Image by: Daniel Peckham

Speak sooner to prevent needless conflict! Don’t let innuendo, passive aggression, or bullying take hold. Leadership, career, and life insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Use 15 Not So Obvious People Skills Truths

People Skills Truths: Image is stacking rings.

15 people skills truths from The People Skills Coach™ for positive interactions about success in business. Especially helpful for technical professionals, doctors, scientists & non-intuitive types.

Creepy Communication: Essential Changes to Be Professional | #peopleskills

Creepy Communication: Image is black raven against shadow blue.

Does what you say come across as professional? Checklist of creepy communication choices to avoid. From Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Professional People Skills: 6 Ways to Respond to Chronic Fault Finders

Professional People Skills: Image is a poem about listing positives.

Professional people skills: How do you handle chronic fault finders? Leadership & teamwork insights fr The People Skills Coach™.

Making Great First Impressions JOIN #Peopleskills Chat July 13th

Rumors and gossip: Image is people skills logo.

Making great first impressions can be the difference between building and burning bridges. Build your skills w/ The People Skills Coach™ in Sunday’s #peopleskills global Twitter chat at 10am ET.

People Skills to Show Your Change Ability #peopleskills #career

People Skills: Image is black slinky.

How open are you to change? Do you adapt easily in the workplace? Flexibility, (change ability), is one key trait employers seek. Here are 7 people skills career tips to show your adaptability & value to any workplace team and business. Be the one hired, retained, and promoted!

People Skills Chat June 2: #Peopleskills of Giving & Receiving

People Skills Global Chat Logo

Join people skills Twitter chat this Sun. June 2nd 10am EDT: Explore dynamics of giving & receiving in professional & personal relationships. Host: Kate Nasser, Co-host Gary Loper.

People Skills: Change ONE Unfortunate Word for Great #Peopleskills

People Skills: Image is the word "OOPS"

Professional relationships & the outcomes are slowly built & quickly broken. ONE unfortunate word to change to increase trust! Tip fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leading Superior Customer Experience: Turn Off the Power!

Leadership for Super Customer Experience: Turn Off the Power!  Image via Istock.

Customer service leaders, are you building a risky power-based culture or one of service excellence? 3 ways to check fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Superior Customer Service: Remove the Threat of One Phrase

Mislabelled Personality Conflict: Image is cracked eggs.

A popular phrase used today by customer service leaders and business owners threatens the integrity of our service profession. Here’s a winning alternative fr The People-Skills Coach™.

People Skills: Replace The Deadly Don’t You Think

Experience Dull Empathy: Image is T-shirt saying You're Stupid.

ONE word or phrase can mar career relationships & destroy your professional people-skills image. Leaders, team members, new grads — online or in person — replace this phrase with better alternatives!

When Your Career or Business Takes Off, Do You?

As your career, business or life gets busy, do you turn a blind eye to all those who helped you — even when they were busy? You may have busy blindness and here’s the cure.

People Skills Mistakes Won’t Define You If …

We all make mistakes. They don’t have to define or trap you. Here are 5 steps to ensure that your people-skills mistakes in person or online won’t limit your professional image or personal potential.

Accept Reality Sooner & Speed Professional Success

All want success and most want it sooner. Accept reality & you speed success. Inspiration and advice for leaders, career seekers, business owners, corporate managers.

Workplace People Skills: Redirecting Emotion into Success

Do colleagues, customers, or your boss press your emotion button? Here’s one solid technique that works and keeps you clear headed through it all. Read more …

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