Coping When People Change: JOIN #PeopleSkills Chat July 16th

Effects of Denial: Image is people skills logo.

How can we cope when people change? Must it undermine relationships? Join #PeopleSkills global Twitter chat July 16th 10amEDT w/ Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Direct Feedback: How to Get People to Be More Direct w/ You | #PeopleSkills

Direct Feedback: Image is a white arrow on dark background.

Do you wish people would be more upfront with you and give you direct feedback? Make it easy for them w/ these steps. Leadership & teamwork tips fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Confidence Beats Disdain Every Time | #Success #PeopleSkills

Confidence Beats Disdain Image is tower w/ invincible confidence at the top.

Don’t let others disdain you and put you down. Confidence beats disdain w/ self-love & self-esteem. More inspiration & insight fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. Success!

Lead Ourselves: Finally Conquer Hopeless Why Bother Beliefs

Lead Ourselves: Image is quote about the persistence of a mosquito

Lead ourselves: What does it take to stay inspired & conquer the hopeless why bother voice? Inspiration fr Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ & colleagues Alli Polin, Jon Mertz, Terri Klass.

Key People Skills to Be First & Realize Career Dreams | #PeopleSkills

Key People Skills to Trail Blaze: Image is a jet's white jet stream in the sky.

If you envision yourself as trail blazer who will be first to do something in your field, these key people skills are a must. From The People Skills Coach™.

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Trust Builders & Busters: JOIN #PeopleSkills Chat June 26

Effects of Denial: Image is people skills logo.

Trust is a powerful force. What are the trust builders & trust busters? Share your view in People Skills Twitter chat June 26, 10amEDT/2pmGMT. Host: The People Skills Coach™.

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The Apology – Perfect Chance to Build Trust in Yourself! | #PeopleSkills

The Apology: Image is flipping a coin. Take a chance!

A sincere apology rebuilds trust w/ others. Ironically, it also builds trust in yourself. Do you or someone you know have trouble apologizing? Here’s some inspiration for leaders, team members, technical professionals, & customer service reps.

Leadership Judgment: Do You See Prevention as Weakness?

Leadership Judgment: Image is words Are You Ready?

Don’t let your leadership judgment be skewed by seeing preventing problems as a weakness. See it as readiness! Tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

Boost Our Morale & Success: Offload These Baggage Pieces

Boost Our Morale Off Load Baggage: Image is saying don't carry mountains.

Boost our morale & success by getting rid of the baggage that we carry. Career experience & insight from The People Skills Coach™. | Business, Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service.

Making Worthy Teamwork Apologies | #integrity #peopleskills

Leaders, 3 Steps to a We Culture Image is: Two people connecting.

Leaders & Teammates: An apology must be sincere to succeed. But what frames it as sincere? Here’s the 6 point checklist fr The People Skills Coach™.

Breakthrough Leadership: Prevent Egotism w/ Self-Confidence | #peopleskills

Leaders, how do you know that your self-confidence – positive force – is not egotism, a stifling force? True self-confidence prevents egotism in these ways and fuels true humility!

Career People Skills: Give Rise to Your Career w/ These 4 Traits

Career People Skills: Image is an electrical plug.

Give RISE to your career: Plug into 4 career people skills traits. Insight fr The People Skills Coach™ for leadership, teamwork, and career development.

People Skills Maturity Self-Awareness: Join #Peopleskills Chat 12/14

Effects of Denial: Image is people skills logo.

People Skills Maturity Self-Awareness: The key to success in business & life? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community in Twitter chat 10am ET to discuss.

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Interview Tips for #Leadership Jobs: I vs. We #peopleskills

Interview Tips: Image is blank humanoid figure shrugging.

Here’s the real reason why interviewers need to hear the word “I” if you want the leadership job. Interview tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

People Skills Twitter Chat 1/5/14: Confidence for New Situations #peopleskills

People Skills Global Chat Logo

Join us for a new year of People Skills Twitter Chat #peopleskills Sun. Jan 5, ’14 at 10am ET to explore Confidence for New Beginnings. Host: The People Skills Coach™.

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