Leaders, for organizational success you must lead morale.
Morale is not touchy-feely fluff. Morale is all about respecting everyone’s dignity in everything you say and do.

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Leading Morale


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Leadership Steps to Empower & Engage Employees

Leadership & Teamwork: 5 Positive Daily Thoughts to Deliver Excellence in Customer Service:

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As The People Skills Coach™, I honor, engage, and uplift your audience with humor, energy, true life stories, logic, and highlights of the absurdities we all face on a broad range of topics.

I inspire leaders, managers, and teams to crave accountability by tapping their natural desire for work and life to be better.

My interactive style engages their mind, reduces their blocks, and kick starts new people skills behaviors in leadership, employee engagement, teamwork, and customer service. With audiences large or small, I activate their participation with questions, mini-exercises, and a caring boldness.

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“Kate has been extremely helpful.  This is what she took the time out of her New Year’s Day to do:  discuss my job search situation, gave me some excellent new directions and ideas to explore which I hadn’t considered before. Indeed, an encouraging way to start out the New Year.

Kate thanks for the good Karma, suggestions, insight, and encouragement. You have helped me to start off the New Year with renewed energy and purpose! And with the reassurance that this is the way to find real help when you need it.”


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