A World Gone Social: Truths Beneath the Trends w/ @TedCoine & @MarkSBabbitt

A World Gone Social: Interview of Authors Ted Coiné & Mark Babbitt

A World Gone Social: Image is the book cover.

A World Gone Social by Ted Coiné & Mark Babbitt

After years of research, Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt have penned a substantive leadership book, A World Gone Social.  This book could easily be subtitled, The Accountability Age – Leadership in a World Gone Social. It digs into leadership, employee engagement, customer experience, and innovation. 

The book goes beneath meaningless numbers like total followers to the true influences and influencers in business today.  It reveals social media’s impact on leadership and management and guides leaders on how to make the shift. 

As The People Skills Coach™, I was intrigued and attracted to the book’s title, A World Gone Social.  I wondered what impact it’s truly having on businesses and employees.

I caught up with authors Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt to learn more about what their research uncovered.

Q: Ted & Mark, as you researched A World Gone Social, what surprises did you uncover?

Mark: Since my business, YouTern, is social all the way, I was surprised that many companies are not living it. Especially at the Csuite level, many haven’t embraced it and aren’t leading from it or with it.

Ted: I was surprised that many companies don’t yet realize that social media is a tool creating a holistic change in how we think, act, and lead. It’s not just a technology trend.  It’s empowering small, little known businesses in garages to truly challenge big businesses.

Kate: Ted, I can almost hear the shark music from Jaws playing in the background as you say that!

Q: Why aren’t leaders, especially at the highest levels, leading from and with social media?

Mark & Ted: They don’t know how to measure it. What’s the ROI of using social media for x amount per day or week?  That is why we included a whole section in the book to meaningful social media metrics and how to calculate them.

Q: How is social media truly changing the work lives of the workers?

Mark & Ted: Well the standard workday is dead. For employees with managers who are emailing them very early and very late, this can lead to overwork, burnout, etc… For employees with managers who believe in flexibility as long as you deliver results, mobile and social media are transforming the workplace in a positive way.

Q: In your opinion, has social media caused more harm than good OR more good than harm?

Ted: I like that question. Best one I’ve been asked yet.  Social media is good. It connects people to a world of new possibilities. And it’s here. You don’t really get a vote. You can choose not to use it yet it affects you anyway.

Mark: It’s all in how you use it. It’s great to celebrate wins and meet that human need for connection in business and in life. However, people who use it to tell the world about their sore feet are missing the true purpose of social media.

Q: Mark & Ted, what are the key messages in your book, A World Gone Social?

  • Death of the large! Small companies are now truly empowered to tell the world about their innovative products and services. This type of communication was formerly only the territory of big players. So for large companies to not  truly embrace social media is a huge strategic mistake.
  • Metrics are still possible! You can measure social media ROI. We show you in this book the approaches to take. 
  • Ordinary is now extraordinary. An ordinary person with an extraordinary network can be hugely successful.  Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or just out of school looking for your first job, branding with social media IS the pathway to success.

Q: What do you intend and hope this book will do for everyone in the business world?

Mark: Help people realize it’s important to re-energize people in the workplace and social media is the pathway to doing it!

Ted: Being social, not just industrial or digital, makes sense because it plays to human nature and basic human needs.

Kate: So it’s not just small talk or useless chatter. It doesn’t distract from business success.  It is the pathway to success.

Mark & Ted: Yes!

Author: Ted Coiné

Chairman, Switch and Shift: Ted Coiné

CEO & Founder YouTern: Mark S. Babbitt

Author: Mark S. Babbitt

Listen to more of the interview about A World Gone Social with Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt.

Thank you, Mark & Ted, for writing A World Gone Social.  In my opinion it’s a must read for every leader and manager wanting to move past the trend and into the truth about social media’s purpose, influence, and outcomes. Congratulations!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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