Accept Reality Sooner & Speed Professional Success

Success takes commitment and persistence. Most want success sooner than later. If you are one of them, accept reality sooner and you speed success. The old adage that ignorance is bliss — or as some live it, denial is bliss — comes at a cost. It delays success.

Accept reality sooner & speed success.

Speed Professional Success

  1. What are you strengths and what, truly, are your weaknesses? The sooner you accept the reality, the sooner you will start using your strengths in more ways and working on your weaknesses.
  2. Leaders, which of your team members are propelling the mission forward to success and which, if any, are useless drag. Accept the reality sooner and you will more likely give recognition that will inspire the team to even greater heights. You will also have necessary conversations with those who are not committed. Success requires both.
  3. What is the ONE thing in your work or life that eats away at you. Be honest with yourself. What is it? Why does it eat away at you? Admit the reality and you are more likely to work to change it or accept it as an absurdity of life. Success comes sooner with either approach.
  4. If your business is having trouble, push aside fatalistic worries that drive you to denial. Accept the reality and bring a mastermind group or expert consultants together to build a recovery plan with you. Admit the truth sooner; success is close at hand.

Truly stuck with unchangeable conditions? Delayed by family issues or health problems?

Accept the the reality of the moment instead of struggling against the impossible. If you’re not where you’re at, you’re nowhere. In this case, changing your professional goals for the time being may be the fastest route to success.

What personal or professional story will you share with us to speed success?

Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, inspires leaders and teams to identify and overcome obstacles to success. Her energy is legendary, her insight objective, and her results tangible.

One Response to “Accept Reality Sooner & Speed Professional Success”

  1. Tara Alemany says:

    Hi, Kate.
    Great post! I completely agree. As individuals, we can find it hard to give up on our ideas of “success” sometimes, even when those ideas may be out-dated or inappropriate for our given circumstances, resources or abilities.
    Taking the time to step back and look at the situation objectively enables one to see it more clearly, and to develop a better or more effective plan to reach success. The quicker you can adjust to change, even redefining “success,” the better off you are, mentally, physically and emotionally.
    Thanks for sharing, and getting us thinking!
    – Tara

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