Acceptance Speeches: Use These Uncommon Gratitude Components #PeopleSkills

If you were to win awards, would you know how to give great acceptance speeches? For many people, just giving any kind of speech can be nerve-racking. Then, when it’s for an award, they wonder what should I say besides thank you. Well if you are one of those people, here are specific examples of gratitude that will make your acceptance speeches memorable.

Acceptance Speeches: Image is a gold trophy.

For Great Acceptance Speeches, Highlight These Elements of Gratitude. Image by Cheddar via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Cheddar via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Give Great Acceptance Speeches w/ Gratitude For These Things

Receiving an award is the perfect time to underscore longtime relationships and strengthen the newer ones. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. In your acceptance speeches, go beyond saying thank you for those who helped you. Get more specific and thank them for …

  1. Insights that made you see things you hadn’t seen before.

  2. Those who made daily work easy, fun, and productive.

  3. Support and empathy when you hit a tough stretch.

  4. The opportunity to work with them, compete in the challenge, give back, etc…

  5. Dynamic teamwork that inspired you and empowered you.

  6. Their talents and skills that expanded what you could do.

  7. Learning from them and all their unique experiences.

  8. Their understanding when you made mistakes.

  9. Having your back and being there.

  10. Chance to know them and all that they are.

Fill Your Acceptance Speech With Uncommon Gratitude

Gratitude lessons the struggle of all involved. It celebrates living, sooths the aching heart, and uplifts hearts. When you receive an honor, honor others with your gratitude. All can celebrate when you celebrate them.

Acceptance Speeches: Image is quote "The struggle ends when the gratitude begins. Neale Donald Walsh

The struggle end when the gratitude begins. ~ Neale Donald Walsh

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2 Responses to “Acceptance Speeches: Use These Uncommon Gratitude Components #PeopleSkills”

  1. Hi Kate,
    One thing I was told about making speeches is that I, the speaker, will be sharing important information that is useful/helpful to the audience and that they will appreciate me sharing it with them. The speaker imparts wisdom and knowledge not available from others. This has helped calm nerves many times.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Hi Steve,
      There are certainly many types of speeches. Some where we share our knowledge and insight. Others where we are accepting an award or people’s gratitude. Giving gratitude in return is always a winner!

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