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Accountability Legacy: The People Skills Perks Behind the Heavy Load

When you hear the word, accountability, do you picture something negative or positive? Burdensome or uplifting? Many people see it as a heavy load. Yet there are many perks to being accountable.

In fact, developing your accountability legacy brings you benefits and opportunities beyond anything you’ve imagined. 

Accountability Legacy: Image is network of connections.

Accountability Legacy: People Skills Secrets Revealed. Image licensed from

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Accountability Legacy: The People Skills Benefits

Did you ever think of accountability as part of people skills? It is and your accountability legacy brings these secret perks.

  1. Trust. Accountability is a trust magnet. That’s why trust tops our list of accountability’s perks. Accountability’s integrity draws people to you. Do not fear that people will dump their responsibilities on you. Accountability doesn’t make you a doormat. Accountability makes you worthy of trust.

  2. Real charisma. Accountability is the proof that charisma is not a scam or manipulation. It shows there’s no hidden agenda. It underscores that your charisma is real. You become known as the “real thing” — gold in business and in life.

  3. Respect. Your accountability respects others and earns you their respect in return.  Your actions honor your promises to them. What you do respects their needs and uplifts them. This brings you respect, gratitude, and loyalty.

  4. Reliability. Your accountability broadcasts reliability far and wide. Who doesn’t value that?  Who doesn’t want someone they can count on? Reliability makes you a desired friend and partner. It opens doors for you in business that your lack of experience would otherwise keep closed. It connects you with people you would not otherwise meet.  Reliability creates your image of being strong and caring. Don’t buy into the myth that reliability is boring. You can be reliable and spontaneous. They’re not opposites.

  5. Confidence. Accountability shows confidence and people love to be around it.  You don’t shrink from challenges or responsibility and you inspire others.  Your accountability legacy of gracious self-confidence is a powerful connective force.

  6. Safety. Interaction can be scary.  Your accountability replaces others’ anxiety with safety. You don’t dump on others; you take ownership of what you say and do.  They call you a “good egg” because you don’t blame them for your interaction missteps. You don’t attack; you account for your own behavior. Your accountability legacy of safety gives you a wonderful reputation. The possibilities from this are infinite.

  7. Simplicity.  Ah the joy of dealing with someone who makes life easy and simple.  Ownership instead of defensiveness.  Learning instead of hiding. Success instead of detours. Now think of the doors that will open for you with that accountability legacy!

Accountability makes you … easy to trust, sincere to believe, authentic to confide in, safe to approach, reliable to work with, and effortless to be around.

  • Add that to your resume.
  • Show that in an interview.
  • Market that to your customers.
  • Model that with your employees.
  • Mentor that with new leaders.
  • Share that with your family.
  • Teach that to children.
  • Reinforce that with teens.
  • Live that every day.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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