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Many say you must have an action plan for achievement in life and work. Yet they don’t often mention that successful people also avoid doing certain things that hold others back. As I reflected on my journey through two careers and then starting a business, I realized that my achievement was based on what I did AND smartly chose not to do. Here are some key choices of what not to do. I wish you much success.

Achievement Smart Choices: Image is words "Smart Choices" in a box.

Achievement Smart Choices: What You Don’t Choose is Also Key. Image by Mike Licht via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Mike Licht via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Achievement: Smart Choices of What Not to Do

What you choose and don’t choose matters in your life including your personal relationships and your work. Since so many people already focus on what they must do to succeed, I offer you this list of what to smartly choose not to do.

    Choosing your mindset!

    Don’t choose to …

  1. Wonder if you’re good enough. Instead work toward what you want. That’s the only way you’ll know if you want to keep going.

  2. Procrastinate. If you don’t know how to get started on what you want, start anywhere. I realized early on that my plans always emerged after I got started. Try it!

  3. Go it completely alone. Nobody succeeds all alone. Ask others for their insights and experience. Then choose what applies to you.

  4. Mistake and mislabel lack of confidence as humility. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself.” ~ C.S. Lewis Build and use your confidence without worrying about not being humble. Confidence is not arrogance and people like being around confident people.

  5. Achievement: Choosing your momentum!

    Don’t choose to …

  6. Fall in love with what you have or had. Achievement of what you want is all about what’s ahead of you. Don’t let the past or present hold you back. When I changed careers, I had to give up the comfort of doing what I was good at to embrace the discomfort of learning something new. It was worth it!

  7. Obsess into perfectionism. Perfectionism is not an achievement strategy. It is an avoidance mechanism. There is no such thing as perfect. Take actions toward excellence — it moves you forward. Forget being perfect. It holds you back.

  8. Risk everything. Make smart choices on risk so you can learn and recover along the way. “Go big or go home” is a catchy motto yet I chose a step-by-step approach and it worked for me. Which one will work for you? Think about it. You have a choice.

  9. Choosing your life!

    Don’t choose to …

  10. Believe that everyone is the same. If others are being negative about your choices, realize that you are unique. Moreover, you are the one that must live your life. When I was leaving my corporate job to start my business, some at work told me that I would fail. They actually said it! Instead of believing them, I took it as another sign that I was making the right choice. I could never be happy working with them and their negativity. And my business is a success.

  11. Separate your work and personal life. You may be surprised to hear me say that. Yet what I mean is that you are one person and all your choices affect you. Before you make a major change, ask yourself how it will affect you overall. For example, starting a business is not a change of career. It is a change of life. I wanted it. I was ready for it. Think about your whole life not just one piece of it.

  12. And above all, don’t choose to …

  13. See your choices as irreversible. With few exceptions, most choices you make are reversible. There may be a price for reversing your choice. Yet knowing when to pull the plug and reverse yourself is key to getting started and key to achievement.

I continue to learn. What would you add to this list? What smart choices have you made?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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