Beloved Leaders: How to Lead After Them! #Leadership #LeadMorale

Imagine that one of the beloved leaders leaves an organization. You are hired to lead in their place. How will you do it? Some will tell you to be yourself and establish your authority right away. Yet, there’s a much better way.

Leading After Beloved Leaders Leave: Image is people at work

How to Lead After Beloved Leaders Leave. Image from MDGovPics via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image from MDGovPics via Flickr Creative Commons License.

How to Lead When Successful Beloved Leaders Have Moved On

Instead of focusing on yourself — being yourself and establishing your authority — focus on the employees. Tap into their needs. Tap into their talents to make the company successful. This is how beloved leaders become respected and loved.

Do this because employees …

  1. Have needs of belonging, safety, and growth that get shaky when beloved leaders leave

  2. Love to produce results when you acknowledge how their personal talents create those results

  3. Will work better as a team when you show them individual respect … i.e. everyone matters

  4. Make fewer comparisons to the previous leader when you focus on purpose, belonging, and their talents

  5. Will trust you when they see you focus on their needs and talents

Main Message

Focus on employee needs and tap into their talents when you are leading after a well-loved leader leaves. As the employees recognize that you see them and their talents, you will lead and lead morale with very little resistance.

What specific questions do you have about leading after one of the beloved leaders leaves?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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