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Businesses, large and small, want to deliver the very best customer experience. Well, two surprisingly basic steps can take customer experience from good to the very best: be plentiful and ready. And it’s the also best PR you can have for your business!

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Super Customer Experience - Be Plentiful & Ready, The Best PR!

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Be Plentiful & Ready for Very Best Customer Experience

The trigger reaction of many leaders to the idea of being plentiful to the customers is, “That costs money!” Well, there is good news on that front. Being plentiful and ready doesn’t have to be expensive for your business. Remember, customers are willing to pay for the very best customer experience. Here’s why.

Being plentiful and ready gives customers:

  • Comfort. When people think of a shortage, the feeling is discomfort. When they think of a plentiful supply, the feeling is comfort. Leaders often believe that shortages can wield higher prices and bring in more revenue. Yet to customers, a shortage is a threat. Especially in service businesses, having a plentiful supply gives customers comfort. That is the best customer experience. Moreover, in business to business relationships, a plentiful supply is critical. Suppliers are invaluable to businesses when they can deliver plentiful supplies of what you need when you need it. It builds trust and loyalty because it delivers the comfort of success. Now that’s the best customer experience!

  • Ease. Customers love it when you make it easy for them. On a recent stay in a Sheraton hotel, I asked to have four towels each day instead of two. Yet I had to call and ask for extra towels every single day. Why not just supply the plentiful towels each day when cleaning my room? Be plentiful and ready to make it easy for the customers. Making an exception is great; sustaining it is super!

  • And of course the biggie …

  • Success. When your business can handle last minute overages and is ready for sudden needs, it is the very best customer experience. And the PR for your business is tremendous. You can just imagine referring a catering company to many others if it helped your special event be successful — especially with last minute needs.

    Conversely, I did a team building program with the theme of plug in and adapt. I found a small electrical adapter plug online and needed to buy hundreds. The supplier’s website would only let me order 50 so I called to check on larger quantities and availability. The customer service rep told me they had plenty but I could only buy 50 at a time with a maximum of 100.

    How odd. They had plenty but weren’t ready or interested in selling me a large quantity. Meanwhile the print shop I used for the session handouts was ready. The staff produced and shipped not only the initial 500 booklets but also 50 extra at the last minute when my customer expanded the project. Success!

For Best Customer Experience Today

Be Plentiful in:

  1. Positive, can-do, make it work attitudes

  2. Competence and experience

  3. Information and knowledge

  4. Products as advertised

  5. Last minute alternatives and solutions

  6. Communication and behind the scenes teamwork

  7. Low-cost thank you gifts

Be Ready With:

  1. Great employee morale

  2. Courtesy and care

  3. A culture that considers customer experience a business driver

  4. Information-rich easy-to-use well designed websites

  5. Inter-cultural and multi-generational knowledge

  6. Easy-to-use self-serve portals and online chats that address complete needs

  7. Proactive listening, follow-through, and follow-up

  8. Mechanisms that enable your business to quickly adapt to change and to crises

  9. Thank you’s and gratitude


Be (P)lentiful today and (R)eady for tomorrow — it delivers the best customer experience and the best PR for your business!

What other ways should we be plentiful & ready to deliver the best customer experience?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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5 Responses to “Best Customer Experience: Be Plentiful & Ready | #CX #CustServ”

  1. Great post! There was an old saying in our country that you should avoid to solve your client’s challenges (popular to lawyers) so you could earn money by solving them long term. This is of course completely unethical and unprofessional. This has to do with abundance (like your comfort). The thing is that is moral and professional to solve your client’s challenges immediately. Beside that, by solving it immediately you have produced new challenges and because you solved the first one you become their choice long term.
    Than you for posting these great ideas about customer service.

  2. Khalid says:

    Great post Kate as usual 🙂

    If I may add Time and Speed of dilevey!

    I can see both can be added under the Ready umberella but being ready to respond to customers I see is a bit different from being ready and prompt in the deleverig of extra stock when needed! Being a bit realistic how much can you make plentiful! You are bound to the store size as well. So being ready to replenish in short time is needed to have comfort to customers when their order exceed the store size ????


  3. Adam Toporek says:

    Hi Kate,

    I love how you broke this one down! The concept of plentiful is so important. We have all seen how service deteriorates when a business is short on staff or resources. When this is by design (it is too expensive!), it is even more inexcusable. Doing the minimum in order to squeeze every drop from the customer in each transaction can be less profitable in the long run by weakening the customer experience and impacting the potential for a long term relationship.

    Of course, there is a limit. Customer service should be profitable, either in the short or the long term. You can be too plentiful, but I think your point is so important — because the line is often not nearly as close as people think. How difficult or costly would the extra towels (and the system to execute them) really been?

    Thanks for the food for thought!

  4. Alli Polin says:

    I love this, Kate! I would also add be plentiful with trust. I recently wrote about how when employees do their jobs without concern for delivering the best customer experience, both customers and the organization lose out. Companies need to trust their employees to do their right thing even when it’s easier to skate on through…

    An exceptional customer experience is the best PR around!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Great addition Alli. Trust — when businesses don’t trust their customers — the customer can tell. They often move on and find a company that does trust them!

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