Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™
B.S. Mathematics, Masters in Organizational Psychology.

Kate is smart, wise, down-to-earth, funny, energizing consultant/trainer who inspires change and people skills growth. Her consulting and workshops spur improvements in communication, customer service, teamwork, employee engagement, and leading change. “I have a natural GPS about people and have used it for 30 years to spring them to greatness.”

As a speaker on professional people skills (also known as soft skills), Kate captivates and provokes audiences with energy, humor, caring and realism. She inspires them to action. “Your teams will take my messages of service and teamwork and act on them. I combine facts, insight, humor, and logic to deliver keynotes on customer service and teamwork that produce true changes in behavior.”

As a trainer, Kate is the best at inspiring and teaching professional people skills for customer service, teamwork, employee engagement, leading change, and change-ability. Read what others say about Kate’s programs and service.

Kate is credible to many diverse audiences because of her varied background. Her education is diverse (math, music, psychology, business) and her career experience thorough. After a short period of teaching high school, Kate moved into the corporate sphere. Prior to founding CAS, Inc. 25+ years ago, Kate worked for American Home Products and then Johnson & Johnson. Her corporate client service and IT experience supplied a solid base for working with corporate and government organizations in various industries. Technical organizations, professionals, and teams have an extraordinary connection to her teamwork and service programs. She understands them and they trust her.