Business Creativity: Recreate the Image to Include Everyone #Leadership

Business Creativity: All Employees Have It In Them

Business Creativity: Image is clear light bulb.

Business Creativity: Recreate the Image to Include Everyone via

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Are all of your employees contributing the creativity that’s inside of them? Business creativity is not just for marketing pros and advertising departments. It is not the sole territory of new product development teams. All employees have creativity inside of them.

Yet you hear many of them say I’m not creative. It makes you wonder how they are defining creativity. Are they thinking of it as being very clever or wildly imaginative?

Of course those behaviors are what we see in some highly creative people. Yet business creativity is far broader than that. To tap into the creativity in every employee, recreate their image of business creativity.

Business Creativity – A More Broader & More Inclusive Image

  • New ideas
  • Storytelling that moves others
  • Analogies that teach
  • Analytic revelations
  • Intuitive insights that move others
  • Seeing things differently from others
  • Finding common ground in what seems unrelated
  • Solving problems with non-traditional solutions

Recreate the Image of Where & How

Business creativity is not limited to raucous wild brainstorms. Help your employees see that creativity happens …

  • In meetings
  • In quiet reflection
  • At their own desks
  • In a drawing
  • Through an analytic flowchart
  • Amidst humor and fun
  • With serious focus (not always smiling/laughing)

Leaders, inspire all employees to contribute their business creativity. It feeds innovation and success. Don’t let the diverse talent you hired go untapped. People create in different ways. Help them see their creativity and awaken everything they have to offer.

What two words describe your creativity?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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