See Awesome Business Lessons Learned from Unlimited Extremes

Business Lessons Learned from Life’s Unlimited Extremes

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People Skills: Business Lessons Learned from Everyday Extremes

As The People Skills Coach™, I observe people in everyday life. I see how their extremes affect business behaviors and results. Here is my latest list of business lessons learned from everyday extremes.

  1. Emotions are always there.

    What you do with them makes the difference. Stop trying to suppress all emotion. Capture the power and mitigate the tumble.

  2. If you need the last word on everything, your career won’t last.

    The behavior screams insecurity. It limits teamwork and collaboration. It annoys others and reduces morale. It sends them running from possible domination. Open minds open possibilities for success.

  3. Exaggeration captures the imagination. It is the power of storytelling.

    It inspires employees and influences customers. Yet true distortion of facts can destroy trust. Keep your truth meter running to monitor exaggeration and maintain trust.

  4. Extreme chaos and extreme control can wreck a business.

    Uncontrolled chaos comes across as immaturity and incompetence. Extreme oversight and helicopter management keep people immature and stop growth. Teach, empower, and continue to learn.

  5. People see and find mostly what they are looking for.

    This extreme blinds people to what others think and what else is possible. Success comes from stepping outside of your own perspective and seeing the more complete picture.

  6. Living in your comfort zone creates gulfs not bridges.

    Leaders who communicate from their personality style preferences don’t reach employees of other personality types. Get over being comfortable; get versatile. Be flexible and connect with those you lead.

  7. It’s easy to focus on and get hooked on extremes.

    Choose wisely. Too much focus on procedures and people stop thinking. Too much concern about risk and people stop innovating. Too much candor without enough care and people stop contributing. Inspire passion with balance. Moderation doesn’t mean mediocrity.

Too much of anything is no good.

Business Lessons Learned: What have everyday extremes taught you?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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5 Responses to “See Awesome Business Lessons Learned from Unlimited Extremes”

  1. […] Everyday extremes can teach us much about business success. Here are business lessons learned from unlimited extremes. Insight fr The People Skills Coach™.  […]

  2. Alli Polin says:

    Excellent! It’s easy to miss the pitfalls when we think things are working for us. One I see time and time again is people, leaders, who expect others to flex to their style but miss that they need to meet others where they are too. Totally with you.

    Will share!



    • Kate Nasser says:

      Exactly Alli. Leaders who demand everyone adapt to them are in truth not leaders. They are commanders. That’s different.

      So grateful for your contribution here.

      Best always,

  3. Terri Klass says:

    Great post, Kate! I agree that extremes can derail any leader. I have see one extreme of a leader who frequently checks up on their team members, not allowing them to stretch or even make mistakes. We need to remember to empower others to find their style and ways of approaching a problem which may be very different from the way we tackle it. As long as results are good, we need to let go.

    Thanks Kate!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Thanks Terri. Love your message that there are many ways to approach and solve a problem!

      Great addition to this discussion.

      Warmest wishes and thanks,

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