Career Success: Are You Rocking w/ These People Skills? #PeopleSkills

Career Success: Rock It w/These 13 Key People Skills Tips

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13 Key People Skills Tips for Your Career Success

  1. Give empathy freely. Empathy is not just for troublesome or sad moments. It is connection of understanding that starts it all! Empathy doesn’t mean you agree. It means “you matter, this matters, we matter, let’s work together to achieve.”

  2. Give more. Defend less. Engage. Don’t look for ins and outs. You become a leader’s go to person. You will be the customers’ preferred pick. Your attitude of ownership attracts co-workers and many career opportunities.

  3. Give before you take. Giving builds trust. It frames taking in a positive light.

  4. Show confidence not arrogance. Connect confidence with learning. When your confidence welcomes learning it stops you from seeming arrogant. Confident learning beats confidence.

  5. Provide and respect choices. “May I explain?” is far more respectful of others than “Let me explain something to you.” The first honors others’ choice to say no. The second traps and demeans them.

  6. Question without threatening. Everyone wants to feel respected. “Why aren’t you using social media?” sounds critical and puts others on the defense. “I see you aren’t using social media. I’m interested to hear why..” discovers with an open mind.

  7. Illustrate a thick skin and a warm heart. When you overlook people’s faux pas and reduce how many you make, you become the person everyone wants to work with. It is the people skills glue in career success.

  8. Hear the need not the accusation. Career success soars when you can hear the needs behind people’s anger, outbursts, and accusations. You will solve the problems that defuse the emotion. Your leadership potential shines.

  9. Be open-minded not indecisive. Considering many possibilities is a workplace talent. It can feed your career success as long as you don’t insist others spin endlessly and miss the mark.

  10. Get the whole story instead of editing the picture. It shows interest and prevents misunderstandings and bad decisions.

  11. Communicate with continuity. Continuity is connective and appealing. Sudden fits and starts are unsettling. When you communicate, provide others with some background. Reference a previous discussion. Avoid the helicopter syndrome where you take off and land and take off again while others wonder why you were there!

  12. Speak positively not negatively; forward not back. “You should have” is a killer phrase that will sink your relationships with others. “Next time” has far more potential. Of course what follows must not patronize.

  13. Think of teamwork as joining in not giving in. If you see cooperation and positive interaction as surrender, it will hinder your career success. The ability to work with others is one of the most desired workplace people skills. It is the path to career success.

People skills make your occupational skills valuable to others. As I work passionately with others to turn their interaction obstacles into business success, my learning continues. So tell me …

Where and when have people skills most helped you?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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14 Responses to “Career Success: Are You Rocking w/ These People Skills? #PeopleSkills”

  1. Khalid says:


    So many amazing advices

    “I see you aren’t using social media. I’m interested to hear why..” discovers with an open mind

    Starting with “I see you” shows empathy and connection to the person instead of directly asking for your needs! Amazing… I wish if everyone of us think this way before connecting with others! It builds a natural rapport in communication and it makes it easy to understand each other’s need.


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Thank you Khalid. Your continued interest, comments, and support lift me up! You always expand the discussion in some way and it increases its reach to so many other people.

      Warmest thanks,

  2. Mark Strauss says:

    I enjoyed your post. Thank you.
    “Empathy is not a scarce commodity. It is not wasted on the comforting of friends for sake of the truly needy… or even the truth.”

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Empathy is never wasted Mark. I agree that it isn’t scarce although many people hold it inside of themselves!

      Grateful for your comment and I hope you share your perspective on many posts here.

      Regards and thanks,

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