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How Play Affects Relationships: JOIN #PeopleSkills Chat Jan. 29th

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How play affects relationships at work & in everyday life is our #PeopleSkills global Twitter chat topic Jan 29 10amET/3pmGMT. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community to explore this topic and share your views.

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3 Laughable Listening Lapses That Teach Us Much! #peopleskills

Laughable Listening Lapses: Image is a comical character made with marshmallows.

Listening lapses can be a source of stress or humor. Learn in 3 these laughable moments fr The People Skills Coach™.

Silence: Modern Day People Skills Communication Challenge? #peopleskills

Silence: Image is many dice.

When is silence golden and when is it a loser? The People Skills Coach™ offers humorous insights about cell phone use and serious tips for business success.

Leaders, Leave Meetings. Get to a Meeting of the Minds!

Leaders, in the workplace we have multicultural teams, virtual technology, global reach & still ineffective meetings. Here’s 8 reasons from The People-Skills Coach™ to try a meeting of the minds instead!

Extreme Humorous Lessons on a Bizarre Customer Experience

10 lessons learned from customer sevice and care gone wrong with a toxic perfectionist eye doctor. Wait until you read this. I couldn’t make this stuff up. Add your healthcare customer experience insights!

People-Skills: 6 Subtle Signs You Annoy Your Boss

If you annoy the boss and don’t know it, you may pay a price you didn’t expect. If these 6 things have happened to you, it’s time to improve your people-skills!

Customer Experience: When Details Derail

Leaders, know the difference between the customer experience and managing the customer experience. This oddly humorous Bath & Body Works story illustrates what happens when you don’t and how to deliver great customer service.

People Skills: Humorous Hints to Communicate Well

Are there some people whose communication style makes you run the other way? Boost your people skills (soft skills) to deal w/those you dread. Helpful hints – laugh and learn…

Color TV Saved My A! A Humorous Homage to Technology

I spend my professional life teaching, consulting, speaking, and coaching on people-skills (aka soft skills) in this technology filled world.  In fact my special niche for years has been delivering customer relations and teamwork training to technology organizations.  That’s no surprise since my first career was computer programming and systems analysis.   When I left to […]