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Generosity: Leaders, Are Your Teams Uncomfortable w/ It?

Leaders who want employee engagement do well when they develop a culture of generosity. Would your teams welcome it? Before you jump in and say yes, explore these thoughts.

Leaders: Proving Need Not Stop the Improving #EmployeeDevelopment

Leaders, do your actions drive employees to focus on proving themselves to you or improving their contributions to the organization and its success? Here’s a checklist to assess what culture you have created!

Escape These Communication Traps Without Creating Conflict | #PeopleSkills

Avoid Communication Traps: Image is spider web.

For success in your work and personal life, don’t get trapped in these uncomfortable communication traps. Here’s how to do it without creating conflict along the way. Image by Bradley Huchteman via Flickr Creative Commons License. How to Escape These Communication Traps w/o Creating Conflict In response to a previous blog post I wrote on

Rethink Criticism: Is Your Criticism of Employees Actually Contempt? #Leadership

Rethink Criticism: Image is burned matches curving over.

Leadership: When you criticize employees do they hear value or contempt? Rethink criticism w/ tips from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author, Leading Morale

Reasons New Leaders Fail Even After Leadership Training | #LeadershipSkills

Reasons New Leaders Fail: Image is sign saying Caution, Slippery Slope.

Would you like to know the reasons new leaders fail even after they have taken a top-notch leadership training program? I remember once such incident at one of my clients. The new leader in question had finished one of the best leadership training programs yet was exhibiting the worst leadership behaviors. I spoke to the […]

Coaching Employees: One Very Important Step | #Management #Leadership

Coaching Employees Use Action Words. Image is a pair of shoes.

When coaching employees to change their behaviors for greater success, there is one very important step to remember. Use action words to guide them to actionable change vs. judgmental labels that lead nowhere. Here’s how. Image by Jeshu John via Coaching Employees: The Key Step So many times leaders and managers take on the […]

5 Ways to Sound Helpful Not Patronizing | #PeopleSkills #Communication

Be Helpful Not Patronizing. Image is clock saying Time to Adapt.

Do people see you as patronizing or helpful? Here are 5 tangible tips from The People Skills Coach™ to be helpful to others. Leadership, Teamwork, Service!

Respect Cultural Diversity: What’s in a Name? Everything! | #LeadMorale

Image is name tags saying Hello My Name Is

To respect cultural diversity, start with learning how to pronounce other people’s names. In any work setting, you are bound to meet people from different cultures with names you’ve rarely heard. If you’re not sure how to pronounce their names, ask them. It shows you care about getting to know them. Moreover, it shows that […]

People Skills Firsts That Create Infinite Opportunity w/ People

People Skills Firsts: Image is stone skipping ripples on a lake.

Initiate these people skills firsts to produce infinite business & career opportunities for everyone. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author, Leading Morale.

Team Players: Are You a Valuable Initiator or a Maverick? | #LeadMorale

Team Players: Initiator or Maverick. Image is rocket taking off.

Team Players: What are the differences between a valuable initiator & a maverick? Kate Nasser, Author Leading Morale provides checklist for you.

Transitions the Easier Way: Career & Life | #CareerChange #Inspiration

Stop Naysayers: Image is Kate Nasser quote that who you are gets you there!

Make career transitions easier by watching this 2 min. video w/steps to make your journey less scary and more energized. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Logical Thinking Not Always Appropriate? #PeopleSkills #LeadMorale

Logical Thinking: Image is broken chain link fence.

Here is how logical thinking can actually create trouble. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author, Leading Morale | Leadership Analytic

Connected Leadership: Learn These Things About Those You Lead | #LeadMorale

Connected Leadership: Image is a geodeome.

Connected Leadership: When you learn these things about those you lead/manage, you lead morale & success. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author of Leading Morale.

High Maintenance Colleagues: How NOT to Be Annoyed w/ Them #PeopleSkills

High Maintenance Colleagues: Image is pencil broken in two pieces.

How not to be annoyed w/ high maintenance colleagues & employees. by Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ Author, Leading Morale | Leadership Teamwork

Leaders, Avoid 8 Common Causes of People Skills Mistakes #LeadMorale

Leaders, turn these 8 common people skills mistakes into brilliance in leadership, employee engagement, & customer experience. by Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™.

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