Giant Communication Blunder & One Easy Fix | #peopleskills

Giant Communication Blunder: Image is brick wall w/ a one way sign on it.

Your interaction impacts your success. Here’s one common giant communication blunder & an easy fix fr The People Skills Coach™.

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Social Media Etiquette Revisited: The Impolite Polite Reminder #peopleskills

Social media etiquette: Image is car w/license plate that says "hurry up".

When networking, social media etiquette connects us. Beware this impolite move that separates & pushes people apart. Tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

Silence: When Golden? When Not? JOIN #Peopleskills Chat Feb. 8th

Putting People Down: Image is people skills logo.

Communication: When is silence golden & when is it not? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community Feb. 8th 10amET in #peopleskills global Twitter chat to explore.

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Business Marketing: 7 #PeopleSkills Mistakes to Easily Avoid

Business Marketing People Skills Blunders: Image is Withered flower blossoms.

Business marketing & networking: Avoid these people skills mistakes that have sunk others’ success. Easy effective tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

People Skills Success Radar: Discover Your Empathy | #leadership

People Skills Success Discover Your Empathy: Image is a humanoid w/ binoculars

People skills success: Find & unleash your empathy for leadership, teamwork, employee engagement, customer service. Guide map from The People Skills Coach™.

Communicate Clearly! JOIN People Skills Chat Jan. 18th #peopleskills

Putting People Down: Image is people skills logo.

People skills global Twitter chat (#peopleskills) will explore how to communicate clearly. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community Jan. 18th 10amET.

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Empathy and Integrity: 5 Keys to Rebuild Customer Trust #cx

Empathy and integrity: Sign saying they rebuild trust.

Customers dissatisfied? Did you break their trust? Use these 5 steps w/ empathy and integrity to rebuild it. From The People Skills Coach™.

Entrepreneurial Success From Great Social Media Finds #business

Entrepreneurial Success: Image is laptop, pen, paper, coffee cup etc...

Examples of entrepreneurial success via social media! From the great logo designs of Kimb Manson to getting new customers, social media makes it happen.

11 Surefire Beliefs for Superior Customer Experience #custserv #cx

Customer Experience Beliefs: Image is the neon sign "belief".

Our customer experience beliefs guide our actions. Here are 11 to deliver superior customer experience. Tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

Superior Customer Service: Sorry Doesn’t Mean Guilty! #NCSW14

Superior Customer Service: Image is Balloons w/ Sorry Words Celebrating!

Superior customer service doesn’t have debates on whether to say ‘we’re sorry’ to upset customers. It has loads of care. Insights fr The People Skills Coach™.

Irresistible Customer Experience: What Every Customer Wants #cx

Irresistible Customer Experience: Image is pictoquote of Make positive thinking our way of life.

Delivering an irresistible customer experience is easier than you think and worth the effort! Tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

Customer Effort: Paying the Bill Should Be Easy Not Confusing #cx

Customer Effort: Image is a confusing list of numbers.

Business leaders and owners: Are you marring great customer service experience w/ confusing invoices that require extra customer effort? Review this …

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Manipulative People Skills: I Know You’d Do the Same for Me #peopleskills

Manipulative People Skills: Image is Twisted Balloon in Shape of Poodle

Saying “I know you would do the same for me” instead of “you are welcome” is manipulative people skills, not influence. Caution fr The People Skills Coach™.

Service Recovery: Go Beyond Problem Solving! #custserv #cx

Customer Service Recovery: Image are lights of airplane landing.

Leaders, customer experience problems don’t have to be loyalty fiascoes. Sharpen your company’s customer service recovery w/ these critical steps.

Customer Experience Big Data Retailers: Punish or Perish? #cx #custserv

Customer Experience Big Data: Image is Swaddled Smurf says customer care.

Online retailers’ big choice about customer experience big data — punish or build loyalty? Read what successful retailers see as the true choice.

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