Entrepreneurs People Skills: 6 Needless Costly Mistakes #custexp

Entrepreneurs People Skills: Image is neon sign saying open for biz.

Entrepreneurs people skills: These 6 needless mistakes cost you customers. Instead, use these no cost customer experience tips from The People Skills Coach™.

Superior Customer Experience: Revenue or Integrity? #cx #wireless

Superior Customer Experience: Image is sign "The Way Forward"

Wireless providers, embrace the smartphone kill switch to deliver a superior customer experience. Reinvent don’t hold onto the status quo to preserve revenue. You can have innovation AND revenue!

Customer Value Beyond the Dollar! #sales #custserv

Customer Value: Image is Gold Gift Box

Leaders & entrepreneurs see true customer value. Employees’ hard work often clouds their view. Use this list of 6 to discuss customer value & inspire all employees!

Customer Experience Leaders: Are You Leading Cattle Call?

Customer Experience Leaders: Image is little cattle figures lined up.

Customer experience leaders, have you gotten so focused on big picture & profit, that you treat customers like a cattle call? Simple ways to check & fix.

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People Skills: Precursors to #Peopleskills Influence

People Skills: Precursors to Trust Image is Tree branch with other branchs growing from it.

People skills can influence others IF we take these steps to see others’ views and build trust. Fr The People-Skills Coach™. || Sales, service, teamwork, leadership.

Super Customer Experience on the Road of Transparency

Here’s a current story of old time sales manipulation that backfired but good. 5 quick positive lessons to ensure your business wins big w/ customers. Travel the road of transparency and create lasting memories of trust that build your brand!

Super Opportunity to Improve Every Customer Experience Survey

Leaders: What does your customer experience survey tell your customers about your philosophy? Consider this super opportunity to improve it with these 6 changes.

We Are Selfish Websites & the Customer Experience

Every website has a people-skills message and personality. What’s yours? Does it selfishly try to squeeze & capture customers or does it deliver value to engage and build loyalty?

Marketing, You Got Me. Sales Call Center, You Blew It!

If your marketing dept, gets the customer to call, hey call center listen and dialogue. Sales and service are not a monologue from you with a burp from us at the end. Lose the script or lose the sale! A true story of AT&T Wireless …

Customers’ Views Breathe Life Into Always Being Right Rule

Managers use this list to guide new employees on why the customer is always right & how to serve them well. The issue is not right/wrong — it is respect for insight and beyond. Read more …

Customer Experience the Before & After Way

What customers experience before and after working with you holds the secrets to your success in sales, service, and customer loyalty. Here’s what the before does for you. Read more …

People-Skills: Confuse Before Bad News?

When you must deliver bad news, do you first confuse? Is your own discomfort twisting your message? You may tell yourself that you are thinking of the other person yet read this first before you decide …

To Get Customer Loyalty – Gestalt It!

Corporate leaders, managers, & business owners, increase customer loyalty using a Gestalt customer service and technical support philosophy. The reasoning & steps — make sense! Read more …

12 Steps to Ignite Customer Passion

Businesses always seek ways to ignite customer passion in their products and services. Here are 12 ways to light the fire in today’s market.

Customer Service: High Touch B4 High Tech

High tech contributes much to great customer service and the customer experience IF it doesn’t become your primary focus. Where are you on this scale? Read more …

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