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When we change business words we have used for ages, we create new results. Words matter. And as we head into this new year, we can commit to using some new business words that include everyone.

Change Biased Business Words: Image is paper cones of different colors.

Replace These Business Words to Be More Inclusive for Better Results. Image by David Nagy via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by David Nagy via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Replace These Business Words & Phrases for Better Results

When as leaders, managers, and teammates, you use more inclusive words, you are saying ‘we all matter’. The respect is inspiration, builds trust, and engages everyone. Replace these common business words with more inclusive phrases!

Replace these words …

  • Manpower. Using a gender specific word to mean everyone is disrespectful and not engaging. Instead, use the words people, employees, staff, team members etc… to communicate your thought. Change “whose manning the front desk” to “who is covering the front desk?”

  • The word ‘him’ when referring to leaders in general. Use ‘they’ instead of ‘him’ to include everyone.

  • Salesmen. Replace that word with ‘sales rep’ or ‘salesforce’.

  • Blacklist. If the discussion is about who is included and who isn’t, say that. Then, make sure the reasons are not because of bias and discrimination. Also think about how many other times we use the word ‘black’ or ‘dark” within a phrase to mean something bad. It is time to change this!

Start This Discussion at Work to Create Significant Change!

The short list I noted above is just the beginning. Ask your teams to come up with other words, phrases, jokes, and references they would change to include everyone. Have your first meeting of the new year be about words and how they matter! Inclusive words communicate respect for all. What better way to engage and to lead morale!

What other words would you replace to be more inclusive? Share your comments below!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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