Lead Morale Global Chat: New Venue - Yes or No?

Lead Morale Global Chat on Twitter is seeking a new venue. Found/host Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ and author of Leading Morale, asks what venue is right for this powerful topic?

JOIN us each week for Lead Morale chat because if you’re not leading morale, you’re not leading anyone!



People skills give occupational skills the capacity to connect with others’ talents. People skills give us the ability to lead, serve, collaborate, and succeed.

To explore people skills to the fullest extent, I launched the #PeopleSkills chat on Twitter in January of 2013. People skills truly impact our personal and professional lives and learning together gives them extra oomph!

I welcome you every Sunday at 10am ET to the people skills Twitter chat to build bonds for happiness and success.



New Day New Relationships: JOIN #PeopleSkillsChat March 17th 10amEDT

Do you approach each day as new day new relationships of growth? JOIN Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ in global #PeopeSkillsChat on Twitter SUN. March 17th at 10am EDT.


How to join People Skills Global Twitter chat – Starting Its 7th Year in 2019:

Every Sunday 10am ET! (3pm GMT)

  • Logon to a chat tool like TweetChat, or Twubs.
  • Access your Twitter account.
  • Enter the hashtag #PeopleSkills and you’re ready to chat!


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