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Leaders and teams, ask yourselves, “What kind of company culture do we have? Is it a win-at-all cost culture? Or perhaps you have come to see that to win long term you must play to learn instead of just playing to win. If you have realized that, ask yourselves, do you have leadership styles and daily actions that allow learning to occur?

Company Culture: Image is the word "learn"

Company Culture: Play to Learn & You Will All Win. Image by Jason Taellious via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Jason Taellious via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Company Culture: Do You Play to Learn & Win?

Continuous learning is one key to success. Else you may look up one day and realize you and your skills are obsolete.

Learning About …

  • Yourself. Strengths, vulnerabilities, blind spots, fears, learning style, triggers, hopes, goals, and what kind of life you want.

  • What workforce skills are on their way to being obsolete. Stay alert and read up on the emerging trends of skills that are more needed and those that companies are automating or dropping completely.

  • How to get the life you want. I had a great job in a Fortune 500 company and my skills were in demand. Yet, I was miserable. I reached out to a career counselor who was able to unearth the kind of life I wanted. That was 30+ years ago and I found the entrepreneurial pursuit that made me happy and successful.

Company Culture: Leaders, What Culture Are You Really Creating?

  1. Learning/developing or primarily winning. Before you answer, ask yourself, “Do I provide time for experimentation and learning where I don’t review team member performance? Would your team members answer that question the same way you do?

  2. Does your answer to the above question match your actions? Check your language. Do you talk about learning or mostly reaching the end result (aka winning.)

Does the focus on learning really matter? Yes! Ask today’s potential hires and existing employees what they want. Development (aka learning, growing) is toward the top of their list. Retaining talented employees requires that you not only tap their current skills but keep developing their skills! This is one essential aspect of leading morale.

Leaders, Keep Growing Too

Leaders, employees also want you to keep learning and developing your leadership style. To do this, focus in on learning:

  1. What they need to learn to perform well

  2. How they define support and great morale

  3. What each of them has to offer and how they can develop their talents further

  4. How organizational structure is helping and hindering the team’s success

  5. What you can do to influence the company on benefits they need and don’t have

  6. Facilitate and address team interaction obstacles that they don’t know how to fix themselves.

  7. Coach them with your experience so they can learn from you.

  8. Learn from them as well.

What else should we learn to be successful? Pls. share!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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