Value of Outside View That Creates Inside Success

Leaders at all levels face challenges needing a different perspective.  For 25+ years, I have advised and developed solutions for managers, directors, VPs, and Senior VPs on teamwork, customer service, productive org. structures, and employee engagement.

Our work together will take you from dilemmas and details to decisions and solutions.  I work with all types of teams and departments. My special niche is technical teams e.g.  IT, engineers, lawyers, and doctors.

What Challenges Are You Facing?

  • Getting from details to decisions
  • Organizations use me as a meeting facilitator to move them to decisions sooner. I know how to get diverse leaders/teams that are stuck in the data to see the bigger picture and move to action.

  • Improving customer service and teamwork
  • Through needs assessment, evaluation of your customer feedback, and discussions with leaders and teams, I will offer strategic insight and practical advice for you all to excel in these areas.

  • Working through difficulty w/ employee or peer or boss
  • I guide you to assess what’s causing the difficulty, what skills you need to work through it, and how to create a new type of interaction that stays positive and productive.

  • Developing more initiative and accountability in teams
  • Teams who are overwhelmed with change, pressure deadlines, and organizational boundaries may fall short in initiative and accountability. I will breathe new life into their outlooks. Engagement will soar. Key thought – accountability is not about blame; it’s about commitment and ownership.

  • Invigorating teams after a downsizing or other major change
  • Change creates both the results you seek and effects that you don’t. Morale, commitment, and engagement can suffer after downsizing and major change. Re-inspiring them is what I do very well!

  • Leading those you used to work with – from peer to boss
  • How do you go from being someone’s peer to being their leader/manager? There are specific do’s and don’ts. We will work together to adapt your leadership style to this challenge.

  • Teamwork between and among teams
  • Cross-teamwork is a must for success. We will build bridges between the silos that eventually will bring the silos down.

  • Gelling teams w/different personalities, cultures, generations, and backgrounds
  • There are more generations in the workplace than ever before. Technology has made the workplace global and brought diversity right into your daily work. Diversity can be either a block or an asset to business success. It’s only a block when you ignore it and the divide widens. It’s an asset when you tap my diverse background and experience in turning diversity into the greatest asset your company has.

Why Me?

Intelligent, creative and practical problem solver with 30 years consulting experience in various verticals of large corporations, professional practices, and mid-size companies. MA Organizational Psychology.

Where and How?

Different mechanisms – at your site, on the phone, and via video-conferencing.

Fee Structure?

I will give you a quote after we speak. I am open and straightforward about the fees and I don’t push or hard sell you. It will be your informed decision.