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When you read the phrase courageously care, you might well think of heroic acts in dire moments. You might not think that everyday care requires courage. Well, it does. Moreover, daily care for teammates and customers is a must for outstanding service and teamwork. So how do you find the strength to courageously care for others especially on your bad days? Here’s why and how!

Courageously Care: Image is Martin Luther King Jr. quote What Are You Doing For Others

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It Takes Courage to Care When …

  • The workplace culture is cut-throat. Yet the customers don’t know that and still want care.

  • Your leaders and managers don’t respect and appreciate you. Still, you can choose to give customers what you wish you were getting.

  • You don’t trust your teammates and think they will take advantage of your good nature. Then trust yourself. You can courageously care for your teammates and still set healthy limits. You will become the model for others.

Discover In Yourself How to Courageously Care

  1. When your day is so bad and you mumble this just isn’t my day, stop and ask “OK how can I make it somebody else’s day?” It takes courage to care for others when you feel un-valued. Yet as you serve others, you uplift yourself. Service and gratitude have magical powers.

  2. Find ways to courageously care for others when you don’t like your life. Instead of getting stuck in self-pity, care for others and make stronger connections with them. As you see how you helped them, you start to see how you can change your life.

  3. Reflect on how you feel about those who have helped you. What did you think of them when you were the customer? Most likely you have positive thoughts and feelings. Now stoke your service attitude with the courage to create your own image as a generous giver.

  4. When you are tired or bored, consider how you seem to others. Would you want to work with you right now? It will help you perk up and show care to customers and teammates.

  5. Learn how to show more care. Here are the 12 most desired yet unrequested forms of care.

Inspiration That Has Kept Me Going!

For years I have lived the old folklore wisdom: When you’re down, get busy for others. To some, it sounds illogical. When you’re down shouldn’t you spend all of your time getting busy for yourself? Not really. Getting busy for others lifts you up. It opens your eyes to possible opportunities and paths for yourself. Above all, it resets the view of your life with the reality that everyone struggles. So if you courageously care for teammates and customers at work, you lift them and yourself up.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

How has caring for others helped you? Please share your story!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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