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What essential beliefs & behaviors do we need to create common ground with others? Every aspect of business — leadership, teamwork, sales, and service — require us to work together. In fact, it’s critical to find common ground and create more of it. Here’s how.

Essential Beliefs for Common Ground: Image is overlapping circles.

Essential Beliefs to Find Common Ground. Image by patchtok via Flickr.

Image by patchtok via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Essential Beliefs & Behaviors to Create Common Ground w/ Others

Normally we speak about finding commonality. Yet finding what we have in common with others is only the beginning. Creating common ground is even better.

Essential Beliefs to Create Common Ground

  1. We can collaborate and still be individual. We don’t lose ourselves in creating common ground.

  2. Business is not a zero sum game. Working together doesn’t mean one person wins and the other one loses. Even business competitors today create common pursuits for shared gain.

  3. Working alone has limits. Connecting with others expands everyone’s reach.

  4. Humans are wired to connect. Creating new common bonds has the power of human desire behind it.

  5. What we learn from each other opens new horizons. Don’t hide from what can be!

  6. Finding what we already share is smart. Creating new common ground is even more powerful.

I asked consultant Jon Mertz of, What is necessary to find common ground? He responded, “listen, be open vs. judge, and think about what is being said.” I agree!

Now I ask, what does it take to CREATE new common ground?

Essential Behaviors to Create NEW Common Ground

  1. Ask ‘what if’ questions that people haven’t considered. Get everyone thinking like inventors!

  2. Create fun to get people to think in ways no one is considering. Kids play like this yet adults censor their own thinking and fall into habits.

  3. Use examples of inventions that people thought would never happen. It awakens people’s imagination.

  4. Find how the new ideas help each individual. It’s human to want for ourselves.

  5. Explore how the new shared ground will help humanity. Many people seek meaning in their lives and want to give back to this world.

Finding what we share has value today. Creating new shared ground propels this world positively into the future.

What are your thoughts on creating common ground? I am interested!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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