Customer Experience Feedback: Flop or Fluency? Part One #custserv

Customer Experience Feedback: Is everyone in your organization listening?

If the answer to this question is yes, then ask yourselves — are you sure?  Are they welcoming, listening, collecting, and sharing customer experience feedback even from the front line throughout the business?

Are they empowered to do it? Allowed to do it? Tooled to do it?

Customer Experience Feedback: Image is intersection circles of infomration.

Customer Experience Feedback: Flop or Fluency? Image by ChrisL_AK via Flickr.

Image by ChrisL_AK via Flickr Creative Commons License.

If you answer no, think about what your business is losing by shutting out customer experience feedback.  No-cost suggestions for success. Outside views that keep you connected to changing desires and trends. AND the secret of if and why they would or would not return.

Customer experience feedback doesn’t flow just through surveys and focus groups. Customers give it when they are thinking about it. Is your organization always listening and capturing these fresh pearls of information?

When everyone is listening, your organization becomes fluent in customer experience feedback!

When they’re not, you will have customer experience feedback flops.

True Tale of Customer Experience Feedback Flop

I recently purchased 3 items of clothing online from a major retailer. I received a shipping confirmation email that listed each item labelled shipped. I then received one box with one item. I wondered what happened. I checked my email box to see if there was an updated shipping message and there was none.

I called customer service and the agent told me items would arrive in two separate shipments. I thanked the agent and expressed my gratitude for the help and information. I then said: “If your company is open to customer experience feedback, it would be helpful to have the shipping email mention the multiple shipments.”

The agent replied, “it did”. I replied, well I have checked it twice and mine doesn’t say it. Nonetheless I’m not complaining, just letting you all know it wasn’t clear to me that the clothes would arrive in separate shipments. Clearer info would reduce the number of needless calls in your queue and make for an easier customer experience.” The agent again insisted it was there.

Phew! Customer experience feedback flop! This agent believed the job was to answer the initial shipping status question and defend the company — not to listen for feedback.

It never occurred to this front line rep that if shipping status was unclear to any customer, it was a customer experience improvement opportunity. Make of note of it. Pass it along for consideration.

Business owners and leaders: There are none so stuck as those who will not hear.

Welcome, listen, and collect customer experience feedback where it naturally happens. Inspire, train, and engage all staff to do it. It costs very little and the return is great!

In part two of this post during this National Customer Service Week, I will discuss critical beliefs and steps to doing just that.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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