Customer Service People Skills: Leaders, Leave These Myths #custserv

Customer Service People Skills: Leaders, Get Over These 2 Myths!

Customer Service People Skills: Image is sign that says BUMP.

Customer Service People Skills: Leaders Leave These Myths Image by: Raymond Bryson via Flickr Creative Commons License

Image by Raymond Bryson via Flickr Creative Commons License

Mindset and beliefs drive customer service people skills behaviors. They are a big factor in customer service excellence.

Leaders, are you sure your teams’ beliefs feed great customer service people skills? Will they deliver great outcomes? Will they bring customers back?

In this 2 minute video are two commonly held beliefs/myths that erode success. Listen in to make sure you lead great customer service people skills.

Make Over These Customer Service People Skills Myths!

Leaders, watch out and wipe out these risky beliefs!

  1. Mentioned in video above.
  2. Mentioned in video above.
  3. Employees first, customers second. Be careful! This dangerous belief developed as a reaction to inhuman call center culture. It’s an outgrowth of myth #1 noted in the video. Instead of establishing an order of who is first or second, inspire the teams to unite and care!
  4. Fire customers who complain too much. There are companies boasting of how they get rid of customers who complain. Warning: Closing the doors to complaints and complainers may close your doors permanently! Open the mind to customers’ views and open the door to success.
  5. Customer service people skills are just common sense. If it were truly common sense, there would be no disappointed customers. What makes customer service tough is the challenge of diversity. Different customers, different situations, difference expectations. It takes training and practice to spot the differences and meet the challenge.

Based on how you’ve been treated as a customer …

what customer service beliefs have you uncovered?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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