Customer Service People Skills Timing: How to Sharpen Yours

Customer Service People Skills Timing: Sharpen Yours!

Did you think this post would be about how to deliver faster service? How to sharpen your metrics? Surprise! It isn’t. It’s about sharpening your people skills timing in customer service. What goes into it?

Customer Service People Skills Timing: Image is clock w/ different angles for numbers.

Customer Service People Skills Timing: Image fr Glenn Dettwiler via Flickr.

Image by Glenn Dettwiler via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Customer Service People Skills Timing: Strengthen Yours

  • Listening. Listening is the most important customer service skill. Listen for what customers are saying and what they aren’t saying. Listen for their sense of urgency. Listen for what they care about overall. Listen for their personality type and adapt to it. Your people skills timing will improve and so will your customer service.

  • Empathizing. Stepping outside of your own perspective and into the customers view hones your customer service timing. If you remain distant and detached, your timing will always be different from that of the customers. Empathize. It doesn’t mean you agree. It means you matter, this matters, let’s resolve it.

  • Sensing Pace. Every customer has a pace. You can tell from how they speak or write. To that end, sharpen your customer service people skills timing by catching how fast or slow the customers speak. It doesn’t always mean they are angry or happy. Some are high spirited, some are urgent, some just speak quickly, some just speak slowly. Adapt your pace to theirs and see the bonds form. Your influence gets stronger; your customer service improves.

  • Changing Your Rhythm. Customers judge your care and customer service by how well you adapt. Script readers do not impress! They sound fake and inflexible. Change your rhythm to fit the customer and the situation. It’s not difficult. If you are willing to adapt, you can do it. This is the ultimate in customer service people skills timing.

They say in life that timing is everything. Well it’s definitely true in customer service.

Connect with the customer’s vibe and they will remember and return.

What memorable customer experiences have you had?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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