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Customer service leaders and managers, are your employees doing blind handoffs to each other? Do they pass a customer request along and assume that others are contacting and updating the customer? When they don’t contact the customer, the result is disastrous. Here’s why and how to avoid the fatal mistake of blind handoffs.

Beware Blind Handoffs: Image is two hands not connecting.

Customer Service: Beware Blind Handoffs. Image by Beatrice Murch via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Beatrice Murch via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Customer Service: Beware Blind Handoffs

When one customer service staff hands off a customer request to another staff, do they both know what will happen to that request? Have you as customer service leaders, managers, team leaders, and supervisors raised the issue of who must contact the customer and in what amount of time? This step is far more than just a routine procedure.

When staff do not have the same understanding about status updates to customers, it is very likely that your customers will suffer. The blind handoffs without follow-through leave customers hanging. They feel confused and worse yet, ignored.

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Important Message About Blind Handoffs – 1.5 min

Reminder to Leaders & Managers

Speedy blind handoffs make it easier for you all to handle more calls and requests. However, your overall customer service rating and customer service reviews will tank. Without follow-through and status updates to customers, your call volume metrics mean nothing.

  1. Ask your staff what their current approach is with status updates to customers after a handoff.

  2. If the handoff is to other departments, find out what their timeframe is for status updates to customers.

  3. Allow your staff time to update customers. If not, your staff will do blind handoffs and your customers (and you) will pay the price.

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