Super Customer Service Experience: Beliefs to Remember

As I work with contact centers, call centers, customer care teams, help desks, IT service desks, and customer facing teams in many industries, I see either the beliefs that actively remember customers’ value and expectations or a huge void and disconnect. In the customers eyes, the middle ground doesn’t really exist.

Where customer service leaders and teams live the beliefs that remember the most human expectations, customers remember a super customer service experience.  Actions follow beliefs.

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Super Customer Service Experience: Beliefs to Remember

  1. Trusting the customers, not mistrusting them, is the starting point. Customers expect us to trust them and they remember this as a super customer service experience. Holding them suspect of trying to cheat the company will never lead to great reviews.

    Customers can tell if a company’s philosophy is one of trust. When they interact with the company’s employees, the belief comes through in the policies, procedures, conversation, and actions. This is the underpinning of retail cultures like Nordstrom’s, Lands End, etc…

    Have you built your very visible customer service culture around customers’ values and beliefs or around protecting your company from untrustworthy customers? Ask your reps this question and see what they think? Ask them as well what they think the customers would say in response to this question?

    From this beginning, you can change procedures, policies, and interactions to show trust and build super customer experience memories.

  2. Scaling Challenges Don’t Impress the Customers. Customers don’t make allowances for bad service even if companies are large. Their need for empathy, trust, understanding, and solutions doesn’t change based on the size of the service provider. Customers expect large companies to use the tremendous capability of technology today to address the challenges of scaling — and still provide super customer service experience.
  3. Care and Adapt. Customers reject rigid rules. Super customer experience is about understanding what the customer wants and how they want it delivered.

    A credit card company rep, who was strictly adhering to a script that didn’t apply to my need, finally connected me to a team leader. When the team leader started down the same rigid path, I said, “Please, I am in a hurry. I only need to know …” He replied, “I’m sorry you called when you were busy. We are open 24×7.” He and his company defined customer service as: do it our way.

    Needless to say, I never used that credit card again. Rigid, slow paced, uncaring, and snippy treatment is not customer service no less a super customer experience.

    Super customer service experience belief: Adapt to close the gap with the customers!

  4. Touch Me Before You Touch My Money. Customers take a risk when they choose a company for products or services. They have at least 20 burdens of uncertainty that they hope we will eliminate for them preferably before or soon after we take their money.

    Super customer service experience belief: Understand and address the customers’ concerns and expectations as well as their needs!

  5. Service is Calling Us. Customers believe that we chose customer service as our profession — it called to us. If we don’t like it, we can choose another profession. Every career has challenges and pressure. Those who stay in a chosen career don’t see the challenges as a stressful burden. They see them as challenges to meet. In the case of the customer service profession, the best see themselves and their work as a key link in the chain, not a life in chains.

What super customer service experience beliefs would you and your teams add to this list?
It’s a wonderful exercise to build a culture of caring and to develop the very best service attitudes.

I am here to help. Tap me just as the thousands of others have over the last 20 years.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™

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5 Responses to “Super Customer Service Experience: Beliefs to Remember”

  1. I would suggest one to add to your list :
    Take the burden away from the customer.

    Experienced the opposite in three consecutive interactions with a UK company recently, where their customer service team kept pushing the responsibility to follow up and call back again on to the customer as opposed to taking it on themselves. Not good for customer experience.
    Best wishes

  2. Ivars says:

    Hello Kate! Great blog and customer service insights. It kind of goes in line with your 1. belief. You can’t be outside what your aren’t inside. You really have to create culture inside company were most of employees believe that success is in great customer service.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Thank you Ivars. Gratified by your comments and even more by your insight. So pleased you have favored by blog post with your time and perspective.

      I am following you on Twitter as well.

      Warmest regards,

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