Customer Service Wisdom to Up the Loyalty!

My work for 20+ years has focused on truly memorable customer service for your business acclaim and customer loyalty. Yet some of my recent experiences as a customer, bring me to write this post for businesses of all sizes, industries, and professions. Please feel free to add your customer service wisdom on delivering outstanding service and increasing customer loyalty.

Customer Service Wisdom to Up Customer Loyalty!

  1. Make it personal. Know your customer then greet and treat them that way. Don’t treat your known customers as unknown. A true loyalty killer.
  2. Customer Service: Make it Easy to Enjoy Image by:LarryMac

  3. Make it easy for the customer. Bureaucracy kills customer loyalty.
  4. Procedures can kill listening and that kills customer loyalty. If you are going to use scripts, they should be guidelines to discussion not marching orders!

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  5. Make it happen. Train, assess, and empower staff to serve. If the reps can’t deviate from a strict procedure, they cannot serve the customer. Inspire and empower them to make it happen.
  6. Make it memorable. Customers remember moments and consistently memorable service. Many leaders have mistaken this to mean routine repetition. This contrived approach kills loyalty. Create a culture and practice of caring and follow-through to produce authentic sincere moments to remember — each and every time.

Inspire, train, and empower your staff to: Make it personal, make it easy, make it happen, make it memorable. It is still the way to up the loyalty!

I welcome your customer service wisdom in the comments field below.

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5 Responses to “Customer Service Wisdom to Up the Loyalty!”

  1. Skip Bieber says:

    another excellent post!
    and of course, customer loyalty goes both ways and provides for repeat sales !

  2. Darleen says:

    Great post! It reminded me of my daughter’s comment many years ago – ” I am your customer too!”.

  3. Kate,

    I was writing customer service guidlines last night. Perfect timing!


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