The Customer Value Creed

By: Trickybits, Flickr

By: Trickybits, Flickr

Business owners seem to inherently know the value of a customer. If not, they generally go out of business.  As businesses grow and hire more people, the employees don’t inherently know the value of the customer.

As part of National Customer Service week, I wrote The Customer Value Creed for organizations of all sizes to use as ongoing inspiration for quality customer care.

This creed includes the two winning entries from the customer value contest.  Congratulations and thanks to Kalin Bracken and Joan Koerber-Walker for their winning entries (#12 and #13 below).

The Value of Customers

  1. Customers spark innovation through their demands. Embrace your innovators.
  2. Customers give you an advanced education about people. Respect your “teachers”.
  3. Customers pay for your performance.  Give your best show.
  4. Customers keep your company alive. Feed your blood.
  5. Customers blow your horn. Herald your trumpeters.
  6. Customers are your future Wikipedia. Make many entries.
  7. Customers are your tweeps on Twitter.  Tweet them right.
  8. Customers are your reputation. Protect it.
  9. Customers are gold. Mine for it.
  10. Customers are your greatness. Cherish and nurture it.
  11. Customers are human. Help humankind.
  12. Customers are your muse. Be inspired. ~Kalin Bracken
  13. Customers share their remarks with others. Be remarkable. ~Joan Koerber-Walker

Use this list to inspire your entire organization to service excellence. Get my new book, Leading Morale , for additional how to’s on inspiring and leading your teams.

And ask your teams to add to this customer value creed list. I welcome your additions in the comments section below!

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One Response to “The Customer Value Creed”

  1. Very valuable post! A good business knows how to appeal to its customers. If there is any disconnect then the business won’t work (unless the government bails them out!).

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