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How do great leaders discover employee talents? Often employees suppress their natural talents as they try to fit in. Yet, great leaders discover employee talents anyway. Here’s how they do it!

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How Great Leaders Discover Employee Talents. Image by Fernando di Souza via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Fernando Di Souza via Flickr Creative Commons License.

How Great Leaders Discover Employee Talents

To discover anything that’s around you, you must want to see it. It sounds simple, maybe even silly. But it isn’t. Our minds focus on what is important to us. Great leaders discover employee talents because they believe it’s critical to success.

A few years back, I wrote a very popular article — 25 natural talents to spot in employees. Now it’s time to provide tips on how to spot those talents and how great leaders do just that!

Great Leaders Avoid These Mistakes

  • Projection. Great leaders don’t want everyone to be like them. So they don’t project their traits onto employees. This frees the leaders to see employees for who they really are.

  • Fear about other’s greatness. Successful leaders want all employees to use their talents to make the organization and business great.

  • Micro-management. Micro-management blocks employees from showing their talents. Great leaders empower employees to develop even more.

  • Caring only about end results. Great leaders look at progress not just the end results. If your eyes are only on the end, you won’t discover employee talents.

  • Never applauding employees. Great leaders recognize and applaud employee talents along the way. It tells employees it’s OK to stand out! If you only discuss employee success in private evaluations, you won’t see natural talents in the moment.

Action Step to Discover Employee Talents Now

Go through the list of 25 Natural Talents of Employees and ask yourself these two things:

  1. What behaviors would I see for each of these talents?

  2. What would I say (other than ‘good job’) to recognize and applaud each talent? Hint: Be specific of how that talent helps the project and the organization.

Final Point

Share the list of 25 natural talents to spot in employees with the employees in a learning session. Ask them to add to the list — what talent of theirs is not listed there? By doing this you build a team culture of spotting and valuing talents in each other.

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