Driver Type Leaders: Words They Don’t Want to Hear #PeopleSkills

When you work for driver type leaders, it’s good to know what words trigger the negative side of their personality. Then, replace those words and phrases for a better working dynamic with them. Here are the words that driver type leaders don’t want to hear and what to say instead.

Driver Type Leaders: Image is a stop light with both red and green light illuminated.

Words That Driver Type Leaders Don’t Want to Hear & What to Say Instead. Image by Colonel Glenn via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Colonel Glenn via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Driver Type Leaders: Words They Hate to Hear

As you read through this list, find the trend among the words. What is it about these words/phrases that upsets the driver personality?

  1. Maybe/perhaps

  2. Hope

  3. Not sure

  4. This is complex

  5. If it’s possible

  6. I wonder

If you saw the trend in this list, you have either worked with driver type leaders for quite awhile and gotten to know them well or you may be a driver personality yourself! If you didn’t see the trend, here is a list of what to say instead. Then see if you can find the trend!

Instead of …

  1. Maybe/perhaps, say “we are determining what will work.”

  2. Hope, say “we see what is going to work.”

  3. Not sure, say “I will find out.”

  4. This is complex, say “we will work through all this.”

  5. If it’s possible, say “we will determine what is doable.”

  6. I wonder, say “we have a few points to clarify and then we’ll get back to you.”

Now do you see the difference between what driver type leaders like and hate to hear? To put it simply, they hate to hear confusion, doubt, and indecision. When they hear those things, they drive you harder. If you don’t want to experience that, use the alternate words/phrases provided. The driver type leaders hear certainty, ownership, and action and they move on and allow you time to do your work!

If you want to understand more about the driver personality to work better with teammates, colleagues, or those you lead, read Tangible People Skills to Work w/ the Driver Personality Type.

What personality type do you find the hardest to work with and why?

Analytic? Expressive? Amiable? or Driver?

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