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5 Easy Leadership Shifts to Engage Employees in Tough Times

Leadership behaviors affect morale and results. In tough times, they have an even greater effect. Employees may already feel disheartened by conditions.

How leaders behave can uplift and engage employees or demoralize them even further. Don’t downshift employees’ morale.

Make these 5 easy leadership shifts to engage employees especially during tough times.

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Leadership: 5 Simple Moves to Engage Employees. Image by Travelling_Artist.

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5 Easy Leadership Shifts to Ignite Employee Commitment

The behavior of leaders and managers at all levels, including supervisors, team leads, and project managers, shapes culture and outcomes. Leaders who see their own behavior clearly and shift to engage employees transform results.

    Easy Leadership Shifts: Shift From …

    Dreaming to Optimistic Realism.

    The idea leader, aka the dreamer or inventor, is priceless in start-up mode. In do more with less times, uncontrolled dreaming can drive employees mad. They already feel overwhelmed and under-achieved. More ideas and dreams bury them.

    Shift to optimistic realism and give employees the light of day. It ignites their commitment to tangible results.

    No Risk Taking to Courageous Action.

    Risk averse leaders trap themselves and others in perfectionism. Their “prove it before you do it” demand, handcuffs employees’ ability to produce. It strangles morale. In tough times, it can crush an organization’s success.

    Leadership must show the courage to succeed. Shift from fear of risk taking to courageous action. Lift everyone up to success.

    Addicted to Procedure to Results Focused.

    Leaders and managers at the middle and front line areas, often intensify their focus on procedures in tough times. It gives them a sense of security. However, addiction to procedure dis-empowers employees. They disengage as leaders harp on procedure instead of inspiring on vision.

    Standard operating procedure keeps everyone in the trouble of the present. Shift employees forward. Highlight the vision, the innovative path, and the focus on results.

    Easy Leadership Shifts: Shift From …

    Having to Be Right to Open-Minded Learning.

    Humility, the confident search for knowledge and respect for others’ views and contributions, lifts everyone up. A leader’s insecurity and having to be right drains the employees’ spirit and strength.

    Practice humility in leadership. Shift from know-it-all behavior to generous open-minded learning. Watch all your employees respect your emotional intelligence. See them engage even in the toughest times.

    Bullying to Respectful Strength.

    Believe it or not, good leaders can temporarily slip into bullying behavior when their own fear takes over. It can happen in tough moments. Emotion conquers insight and wham … leaders bully. Bullying silences employees and shuts down initiative and engagement.

    Shift from emotional reactions to emotional self-awareness. If you are strong enough to bully, you strong enough to show respect.

    Take time at the beginning of the day to write down your emotional triggers. Note what scares you and what annoys you? Have employees do the same thing. Discuss these openly. You will shift from a culture of bullying to one of emotionally intelligent leadership and engagement.

Emotionally self-aware leaders are good at adapting.

They shift to bring out the best in others.

They engage employees’ commitment.

How are you doing? What tough moments do you want to pose here in the comments section? I’m here to help. Let’s explore together!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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9 Responses to “Easy Leadership Shifts: 5 Moves to Engage Employees | #EmployeeEngagement”

  1. Norm says:

    Kate….great article. I especially liked #3 & #4. It’s so easy to let procedure interrupt the value of people. Of course, having the “always right” manager strips people of any sense of ownership or personal responsibility. It can stifle creativity and the sharing of a sense of ownership.

    Good stuff!

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Thank you Norm. So glad you found this valuable and I am grateful for your comment and contribution to this discussion. I hope you will share your wisdom and insight on any post of interest!

      Warmest wishes,

  2. Tim says:

    Kate, great article. as a senior leader transitioning into a CEO role, I have embraced these very concepts throughout my career. I can attest to the relevance of what you are saying. So many leaders, today, get caught up in the “get it done” attitude and forget those that are doing the work. Thanks for the the inspiration. Tim

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Many thanks Tim. I am always thrilled to hear leaders say … yes it matters! Keep up the great attitude and best wishes of congratulations to you as you transition into CEO. I am here if you ever need a second view of people issues.

      Best regards,

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