Employee Freedom Doesn’t Mean Doing Whatever You Want #Leadership

As we focus on a positive workplace, some leaders and teams are confused about employee freedom. It doesn’t mean that employees can do whatever they want. Employee freedom doesn’t mean throwing away all the rules nor resisting company change. Let’s look at what employee freedom actually is and how it boosts morale.

Employee Freedom: Image is two dancers in black & white costumes freely dancing.

Employee Freedom Doesn’t Mean Doing Whatever You Want. Image by byronv2 via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by byronv2 via Flickr Creative Commons License.

What Employee Freedom Actually Is

When employees are free to …

  1. Offer ideas without fear of stepping on leader’s domain and ego, morale goes up.

  2. Question reasons for change yet not block it to maintain status quo.

  3. Be who they are yet willing to adapt to others. This boosts morale.

  4. Express their thoughts while still accountable for how they impact others. This helps sustain morale.

  5. Collaborate with team members without other team members resisting, morale and results go up.

  6. Have a somewhat flexible work schedule in producing results, quality of life and morale go up.

  7. Ask for help without looking weak, they develop into more valuable employees. Morale goes up.

  8. Work without leaders berating, bullying, and disrespecting them. Then everything improves including morale.

  9. Choose to take on more responsibility or continue to work at their current position without others labeling them as lazy. Respect these choices and you sustain morale.

Key Reminder About Employee Freedom

Employee freedom doesn’t mean employees doing whatever they want. It’s important to discuss with your teams the freedoms they want and what fits in your organization. Use the list of nine freedoms noted above, to help get the conversation going. You all will develop a refined list for your culture!

Your Turn: What Freedoms Would You Add to the List?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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