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Entitled vs. lazy, what’s the difference? The former works hard and expects things in return. The latter hardly works and still expects things in return. It’s important for leaders and mangers to know the difference. Otherwise they may mislabel employees and kill morale.

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Entitled vs. Lazy: The Key Differences. Image by GahBah via Flickr.

Image by GahBah via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Entitled vs. Lazy: Know the Difference to Keep Morale High!

There are many important differences between entitlement and laziness.

Entitled …

  • Feels worthy of basic human respect and gives it in return

  • Sees options as worthy of their pursuit

  • Wants opportunity to work and succeed

  • Believes that everyone deserves the right to try

  • Wants the same boost that others have had

  • Given that boost, feels worthy and up to the challenge

  • Expects rewards and the fruits of their labor

Lazy …

  • Doesn’t pursue goals

  • Doesn’t exert, learn, grow

  • Believes they deserve everything without any effort

  • Criticizes or detaches — in either case no action

Leaders & Managers Mislabel Entitled as Lazy When …

  1. Employees are not workaholics and leaders and managers are

  2. Younger employees boldly ask for a raise and leaders and managers think those employees haven’t yet paid their dues

  3. Employees’ work styles and personality types are different from theirs

  4. They remember how long they struggled to become leaders and managers and see employees wanting results sooner

Yet, wanting things sooner doesn’t mean employees are lazy. Impatient maybe, but not lazy.

See the exuberance behind the impatience. Mentor the exuberance into contribution, entitled to the rewards that go with it.

Most of all, remember that entitled is not lazy. You will be more likely to inspire those that will work hard and eliminate those that hardly work.

What other positive aspects of entitled would you add to this list?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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