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Leading high morale is achievable and critical to long term success. Employees want to work in organizations where morale is great. It makes daily work tolerable and down right enjoyable. So leaders, here are 7 essential leadership steps to leading high morale.

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7 Essential Steps to Leading High Morale

Morale is not an event like pizza on Fridays. Morale is the state of confidence, enthusiasm, purpose, and discipline toward goals. Moreover, great morale is ALL about feelings of dignity and worth at work. To that end leaders, use these seven daily steps to leading high morale.

  1. Highlight meaning. Highlight how the employees’ jobs and work affect the business, the customers, and possibly the world if applicable.

  2. Create belonging. Make sure that everyone feels welcome and needed. Prevent cliques so that no one feels isolated.

  3. Sustain a positive workplace. You as leaders set the tone. Is the vibe fear and negativity or positive learning and growth?

  4. Engage natural talents and diverse ideas. Employees want to use their talents and learn and grow. This is critical to leading high morale.

  5. Acknowledge, praise, and show appreciation. A paycheck alone does not motivate high performance and morale.

  6. Clear the obstacles and have employees’ backs! People want to perform well. If there are obstacles they cannot clear, they look to leaders to do remove the blocks. Otherwise, why would employees need leaders?

  7. Most importantly …

  8. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. This is critical to leading high morale. Even when you feel frustrated, listen and communicate what needs to change instead of venting your emotion. Sarcasm and put downs kill morale.

Leading High Morale: Image is infographic of 7 steps.

7 Essential Leadership Steps to Leading High Morale.

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