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To improve your people skills, embrace the essential people skills mindset – adapt to close the gap. Adapting your style to work better with others doesn’t make you weak. Your strong people skills of listening, empathizing, and communicating, will kick in to close the gap between you and others.

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Essential People Skills Mindset: Adapt to Close the Gap

Your mindset drives your actions with and toward others. If you choose a mindset other than the essential people skills mindset, you will have to dig yourself out of trouble.

Troublesome Mindsets …

  • Win/Lose. A win/lose mindset creates gaps between you and others. As each person focuses primarily on what they want to win, the gap between them gets larger.

  • Fearful. When you are afraid, you will likely attack others with your words or tone of voice. You turn them off and the gap between you all gets wider. If you are not in mortal physical danger, a fearful mindset creates trouble for you.

  • Surrender. If you believe that adapting to others is the same as surrendering, you will shut down your people skills and shut yourself out of opportunities.

Essential People Skills Mindset: What You Gain

As you use the essential people skills mindset of adapt to close the gap, your people skills deliver the following advantages:

  1. Leading morale & sustaining your own. If you are a leader, manager, team leader or coach, adapting to people’s personality types allows you to build and sustain morale. Personality type differences can destroy team cohesiveness; adapting to them brings people together for great results.

  2. Closing sales & delivering great customer service experience. People skills are critical in sales and service. As you listen to people and adapt to their preferred interaction style, you can negotiate more easily and meet their needs. You make it easy for them to work with you. Their positive feelings bring them back for more sales and service.

  3. Teach students more easily. Teachers know that connecting with students affects whether or not the students learn. It’s true of students of any age. As you use the essential people skills mindset of adapt to close the gap, you adapt to their learning styles, their personality types, and their energy. What a difference!

Essential People Skills Mindset: Why It Works

Why does the essential people skills mindset of adapt to close the gap work? The simple fact is that it taps into one basic truth and two universal human needs. The basic truth is that if interaction is easy, people will engage.

As people engage with each other, they want respect and dignity. These are the two universal human needs. When you adapt to people’s personality types, listen with their preferred listening style, show interest in their views, give them your undivided attention etc… they feel respect and human dignity. It’s just that simple and that powerful!

Do you use the strength of the essential people skills mindset?

How has adapt to close the gap helped you?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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4 Responses to “Essential People Skills Mindset: Adapt to Close the Gap | #PeopleSkills”

  1. Terri Klass says:

    Having the right mindset can pull a team together as well as empower leaders to grow and flourish in their careers. I have found that keeping a growth mindset can help with learning new skills and reduce fears of trying something new. Even if we make a mistake we are still expanding our careers.
    Thanks Kate!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Great addition to this post Terri — a growth mindset. As long as leaders combine that with intelligence mindset to offset a purely financial focus, they can lead well.

      Many thanks,

  2. Alli Polin says:

    In my DiSC workshops, I would often teach others to flex to meet people where they are. Too often leaders think that the people who work for them are the ones that need to do the flexing – they’re the leader! In truth, when both parties adapt, that’s when great things start to happen. Definitely an essential people skills mindset! With you!


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