These Everyday Customer Service Actions Produce Consequential Results

Excellent customer service comes from everyday customer service actions that produce consequential results. We often think it’s the only big moves and wow moments that matter to customers. Yet customers that return over and over again, like the consistent care they get from everyday customer service actions.

Everyday Customer Service Actions: Image is gold faucet drip looking like pendant.

Everyday Customer Service Actions w/ Consequential Results. Image by Easy-Duz-It via Flickr.

Image by Easy-Duz-It via Flickr Creative Commons License.

These Everyday Customer Service Actions Produce Consequential Results

  1. Greet the customer. If you know their name that’s even better!

  2. Listen to them. Listening produces consequential results without misunderstandings along the way. It also eliminates the annoyance of customers having to repeat themselves.

  3. Focus on them. Without distractions, you send a clear message of customer care!

  4. Accept feedback (good and bad) with an open open heart and mind. It solves problems easily, teaches you how to please them, and makes them feel great.

  5. Use customer friendly policies every day. They bring customers back over and over again.

  6. Connect your online and in person sales and service. What customers see online, they expect sales and service reps to know too.

  7. 6 More Everyday Customer Service Actions

  8. Be transparent. Complicated coupons, small print, and unclear policies drive customers away; transparency brings them back.

  9. Be flexible and creative. Say those words and picture how it would make you feel. Great right? So do it every single day.

  10. Be timely. Make phone menus simple and web sites easy to use. Don’t waste customers’ time.

  11. Follow-through and communicate! Deliver what you promise in the time frame noted. If you can’t, communicate and update the customer.

  12. Follow-up. It prevents gaps in service and gets valuable feedback.

  13. Show respect and care in everything you do and say. It builds tremendous trust!

Excellent customer service isn’t momentary wows. It’s everyday customer service actions that create great results and a trusted brand.

Which of these 12 everyday customer service actions do you value the most?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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