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Experienced Leaders: In Your Greatness What Can You Still Discover?

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Experienced Leaders: What Can You Still Discover? Image by David DeHetre via Flickr.

Grateful for image by David DeHetre via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Great Experienced Leaders Never Stop Learning!

Great experienced leaders are insatiably curious and ignite this appetite in those they lead. They don’t become complacent, jaded, or trapped in know-it-all mindset.

Here are 33 things experienced leaders can still discover! Please add your ideas to the list in the comments section below.

  1. New vistas to lead

  2. New people to inspire

  3. New networks to develop

  4. New markets to open

  5. New technology to explore

  6. Deeper insights on what employees need

  7. Keener awareness of their own assumptions

  8. Sharper view of their own blind spots

  9. Stronger embrace of diversity

  10. Better engagement of employees

  11. More effective empowerment

  12. More comfort with time off

  13. More acceptance of what can’t change

  14. More courage to change the things they can

  15. More wisdom to know the difference – Crediting: The Serenity Prayer for these last three points.

  16. Experienced leaders continue to discover …

  17. Knowledge they never had

  18. Knowledge they didn’t know they needed

  19. Knowledge they thought they mastered but didn’t

  20. Knowledge their employees developed on their own

  21. Knowledge that upends everything and challenges the status quo

  22. People skills that build bonds of success

  23. People skills that enhance teamwork

  24. People skills that magnify collaboration

  25. People skills that strengthen problem solving

  26. People skills that prevent bullying

  27. How to help others work through difficult moments

  28. How to communicate honestly without being brutally blunt

  29. How to increase their emotional intelligence

  30. How to improve their intercultural awareness

  31. How to build trust more effectively

  32. How to ignite greatness without leaving scars

  33. How to be strong not harsh

  34. How to be respected and well-liked

Which of these have the greatest impact on employees?

Which of these speak to you the most?

What will you add to this list of what experienced leaders can still discover?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Experienced Leaders: What Can You Still Discover? | #leadership #peopleskills”

  1. Jean Arthur Collignon says:

    I believe that taking the time to listen to ideas of others nearby, as well as being patient in the growth of a new employee is a key for a leadership of success.

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