Career People Skills: Give Rise to Your Career w/ These 4 Traits

Career People Skills: 4 Traits to Develop

Most everyone, new graduates and experienced workers,  want their career to rise.  To do it, plug into the deeper aspects of the following four traits that always breed success.

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Career People Skills: 4 Traits to Plug Into & Develop More Deeply

RReliability. We think of this mostly as deliver what you promise and what you are assigned. That’s expected not exceptional.

For a career rise, spot & adapt to personality styles of the leaders’ you work for and team members you work with. People see you through the lens of their own personality type.

  • Understand their hot buttons and pet peeves. Work without pushing those buttons.
  • Know when and how to point out the risk of their view or impending decision without insulting them.
  • Facilitate leaders’ actions to make the business successful and help them prevent the failures.

IIntegrity. Hold professional confidences, behave ethically, be accountable for your actions and energy, correct your mistakes without excuses, give more than is asked or expected. Integrity builds trust and trust delivers long term career success.

SSelf-Confidence. Less neediness and more initiative from you make life easier for your boss and team members.

Self-confidence is …

  • strength in tough times
  • comfort adapting to change
  • insight on how your talent and experience apply to different situations
  • collaboration without fear of losing your own individual success
  • managing your own ego

Self-confidence isn’t …

  • false bravado
  • know-it-all thinking
  • who’s better than whom attitude
  • disdain for diversity

EExcellence. Pursue excellence through constant learning, innovation, and honest self-evaluation. When you are always learning you give the company, teams, and leaders more ROI on their decision to hire you.

The ROI for developing these 4 people skills traits — career success!

Leaders’ trust and reliance on your contributions is the catapult for your career rise and long term success. Imagine a boss saying “I’ve never met anyone I can rely on more” — and then earn that designation!

What other traits and actions have given RISE to your career?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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6 Responses to “Career People Skills: Give Rise to Your Career w/ These 4 Traits”

  1. Great List Kate. Here are 3 other traits that have helped me take AIM on where I want to go in my career:

    A: Assist Others – Volunteer to try new things or take part in new projects. When you make them look good, you do too.
    I: Innovate – Look for ways to do your job or project in a new way that makes things better for the people around you.
    M: Matter – in what you do and how you spend your time, make sure it matters. Focus on the most important areas first and you make a greater impact.

  2. Great posts for a lazy Sunday!

  3. Kate, this is very well said. I like the succinct way you presented a really broad topic. If more people could embrace these traits or values, they would make the workplace better for everyone.

    Enjoy your day.


  4. Thanks for the post, Kate. I’ve always followed the “Characteristics of Admired Leaders” from The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner. As a certified facilitator & distributor for their program, I’ve witnessed their research validated through my own facilitation of workshops. What makes exemplary leaders stand out from the rest are these characteristics: someone who is honest, forward-looking, inspiring, and competent.

    Continuing the acronym… HFIC… ??? Doesn’t have the flow of Kate’s and Joan’s however… =)

    Lead on,

  5. Kate,

    You had me at reliable!

    Coupled with reliable I like to add relevant. Because being “reliably bad” isn’t very good. So I like to qualify reliable with relevant. I think young people today would be well served to try being reliable/relevant when they are starting out at a new endeavor, whether it be a job or school. Be relevant and reliable. Don’t be a wall flower. Show up but do more than that, do something spectacular while you are there.

    Make a difference!

    (glad to be back!)

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