Great People-Skills Win Big: Leadership, Sales, Service

Professionals with great people skills (soft skills) win big in sales, customer service, teamwork, and leadership. They tend to lead better because they understand people, collaborate more easily, sell more by hearing what customers aren’t saying, and shine by anticipating customers’ needs for service.

How well you can read people and interact with them determines your professional success. I was reminded on New Years Eve of how great people skills can help you win big in other ways.

The Funny Story!

Win Big with Great People Skills

As we waited for the clock to strike twelve, someone suggested we play the board game Apples to Apples – this new game of funny comparisons. I had never played. My sister Mary Ellen had and explained the rules.

In each turn there is a question and a selector who decides which card/answer of all those played is the winning answer. The person who played the selected card/answer wins the point.

Ooh — my how to read people skills went into overdrive. For each question, I thought about the selector, what s/he cares about and how s/he makes decisions.

Point after point went to me. They started saying, Hey how are you doing this? I replied “Beginner’s luck?”. I won the game. It wasn’t luck and I am not psychic. I simply thought first about the decision maker and what matters to her/him. That drove my actions.

“Seek first to understand then to be understood.” ~Saint Francis of Assisi

Win Big With Great People Skills

  1. To lead and inspire innovation, get comfortable with diverse personality and natural conative styles. Tap innovation where it lives — in your team members’ minds!
  2. To collaborate better on teams, see how others see things and how they see you. Present your unique ideas in ways they can understand.
  3. To change careers, explore how that new discipline sees things differently then add your experience. You will win big.
  4. To increase sales bridge the gap between your outlook and your customers’ and then make them successful.
  5. To deliver truly memorable customer service, step outside of your own perspective and into theirs.

Develop your people skills to win big in life.

What win have you had in your personal or professional life from great people skills? Please share your story in the comments section below to help and inspire others.

Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, inspires people to growth and professional success in leadership, customer service, sales, and teamwork through her keynotes, workshops, DVDs, and consultations. See this site for the stellar success she has fueled.

2 Responses to “Great People-Skills Win Big: Leadership, Sales, Service”

  1. Jane Perdue says:

    Kate –
    Great topic! Your request for a story brought to mind an incident from the “first act of my life.”
    It was my first day as the new HR VP for a new organization. “Oh, by the way Jane, something you’ll need to handle on Thursday is telling the 300 people in our xx-call center that we’re closing the center.” With only three days to prepare, we pulled key leaders together to craft messaging from the employees’ perspective and assessed who was the right person(s) to deliver the message based on their relationships to the employees.
    While telling people that their jobs are going away is NEVER easy, this reduction in force was thoughtfully handled and communicated…and the impacted people thanked us for being caring, kind and having their best interests at heart.
    Seeing things through the eyes, head and heart of another is a prerequisite for successful leadership!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Truly appreciate your time and the story Jane. Great illustration that considering how others’ see things is the key to success.

      Always welcome your visit and comments. Have a great weekend.

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