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When you are uncomfortable accepting help or learning from others, try gut level gratitude. It defeats your insecurity and strengthens your emotional intelligence. Here’s why gut level gratitude has this power.

Gut Level Gratitude: Image is sign that says openness & connection.

Gut Level Gratitude Defeats Insecurity. Image by Paul Downey via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Paul Downey via Flickr Creative Commons License.

How Gut Level Gratitude Defeats Insecurity

Picture someone helping you. Perhaps you are a leader and a staff member corrects your mistake. Maybe children are teaching you something. Perhaps you are jealous of a work colleague or everyday acquaintance; they help you out and treat you well. On the surface this all sounds great, right? Well then, why do people often react badly to these wonderful moments?

Why does insecurity have power over people? Because it makes you wonder …

  • Who am I? Am I weak?

  • Can I trust them? Will others have power over me?

  • What will happen to me if I accept help?

Enter Gut Level Gratitude!

  • It provides a security blanket that …

  • quiets mental noise

  • shows your strength to honor others

  • taps the universal human desire for love

  • and awakens connections that feel better than your insecurity.

Gut level gratitude is your inner voice simply saying “thank you” while your insecurity is asking, Am I’m less than…? Choose your inner voice of gut level gratitude. It crushes your insecurity. In fact, insecurity has no defense against it. Which would you rather feel each day? The emotional intelligence to accept help or your insecurity? There’s no contest. Gut level gratitude wins every time.

And there’s another benefit of gut level gratitude. It keeps you thinking about others and shows your maturity.

Gut level gratitude: Image is saying "gratitude chips away at selfishness with pay-it-forward power."

Gratitude chips away at selfishness with pay-it-forward power. Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

How has accepting help & showing gratitude affected you?

What would you do if someone helped you & then held it over you?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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