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Handling Embarrassment is our Twitter Global #PeopleSkillsChat topic.

WHEN: Sunday Aug. 1, 2021 at 10AM EDT. Hashtag: #PeopleSkillsChat

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Global #PeopleSkillsChat Background: Handling Embarrassment

Embarrassment can happen any time both in our personal and professional lives. It can be very difficult to handle and can even lead people to many different reactions from lashing out at others to hiding. Despite the fact that we can all feel embarrassed, this shared condition doesn’t seem to make handling these moments any easier. Yet it is very important to learn how to handle it so that we don’t create all types of trouble when we don’t.

So to that end, we will explore handling embarrassment as our our weekly global #PeopleSkillsChat topic on Twitter this SUN. Aug. 1st at 10am EDT. Come join us and make this discussion as diverse as possible so we can see what we’ve never considered before.

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Global People Skills Chat: Handling Embarrassment

As we explore this topic in the upcoming People Skills global Twitter chat, here are some questions to get us thinking in advance. Actual questions will post live during the chat on Sunday 10am EDT.

  • How do you define embarrassment?
  • Where do these feelings come from?
  • What types of situations at work and at home make us feel embarrassed?
  • How do you feel when others are in an embarrassing situation?
  • What psychological challenges do we face when we are embarrassed?
  • What are some bad ways we react to embarrassment?
  • How do these bad reactions create trouble for us and others?
  • When leaders feel embarrassed, they _____________________.
  • What are some very effectives ways of dealing with our own feelings of embarrassment?
  • How do great people skills help in handling embarrassment?
  • What have you learned from dealing with your own embarrassments in life and how have those lessons helped you in other ways?

So bring your personal perspective, your favorite beverage, and join the people skills global chat community this Sunday Aug. 1st, 2021 at 10amEDT on Twitter (hashtag: #PeopleSkillsChat)

I also invite you to continue this chat by joining the LinkedIn Group People Skills Succeed to be a part of all the people skills discussions everyday 24×7.

Shout Out of Gratitude

My gratitude to all who participate and grow the people skills global chat community on Twitter (#PeopleSkillsChat), and LinkedIn. We welcome your suggestions for topics, offers to co-host, and most especially your insights.

Continued thanks to generous chat moderators Jandis Price, Tom Rhodes, for their time and insightful contributions.

Hope you will all join People Skills Global Twitter Chat (Hashtag #PeopleSkillsChat) this Sunday Aug. 1st, 2021 10am EDT/9amCDT/8amMDT/7am PDT..

Everyone is welcome! We have only one rule in People Skills Global Chat: Respect for all even when we disagree.

I am the founder and host of the chat and will be happy to answer any questions you have in advance: Email me.

Chat with you this Sun. Aug. 1st, 2021 at 10am EDT in People Skills Global Chat on Twitter (#PeopleSkillsChat). TOPIC: Handling Embarrassment

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