Hard Human Consequences of Taking the Easy Way Out

Wouldn’t it be great if life and work were easy? Not always. There are hard human consequences of taking the easy way out. Consider these easy outs and the impact on leadership, teamwork, business, and relationships in general.

Hard Human Consequences: Image is frayed rope knot.

The Hard Human Consequences of Taking the Easy Way Out. Image by Rebecca Dongallo via Flickr.

Image by Rebecca Dongallo via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Hard Human Consequences of Taking These Easy Roads

Ask yourself, are you more likely to take the easy road in business and personal interactions? If yes, these hard human consequences may come back and hit you hard.

    Hard Human Consequences of Easy Outs

  1. Dumping your anger on others is easy. Yet the anger will come back at you someday.

  2. Expecting others to be you or think just like you is easy. This disrespect toward them creates resentment back at you.

  3. Being selfish is easy. It also leaves you alone without help when you need it. This is one of many hard human consequences of selfishness.

  4. Declaring that you are right and others are wrong is easy. Yet it shuts down the interaction you need to solve problems in life and business.

  5. Expecting others to adapt to your personalty style without you adapting as well is comfortable and easy. Yet others will avoid you and your narcissism. Now what?

  6. Additional Hard Human Consequences

  7. Speaking sexist thoughts is easy. I hear many parents say in front of their children, It’s easier to raise boys. I am so glad I am not raising girls. Yet this perpetuates dangerous disrespect for girls and women. The same is true with racist thoughts. The impact is staggering. The hard human consequences last for generations.

  8. Living your biases and prejudcies with no awareness is much easier than facing them. This will limit your potential in leadership, teamwork, and business. Those are some hard human consequences!

  9. Leading with all the power is easy. Empowering your employees is tougher. It takes trust. Yet if you play it safe and hold all the power, you limit what the employees and the organization can achieve.

  10. Hiring and working with people just like you is easy. Yet this lack of diversity will blindside you and your team. How will you delight diverse customers if your team is not diverse?

  11. Expecting a fast rise in your career is easy. Taking that attitude into the workplace earns you a reputation of being overly entitled. When that label sticks it slows (not speeds) your progress.

  12. Not listening is easy. Yet you close yourself off from the tremendous power of listening — showing respect, learning, and building trust with others. These are very hard human consequences to inflict on yourself and others.

Expecting work and life to be easy, creates a few more hard human consequences for yourself:

  • Feeling demoralized when work and life aren’t easy

  • Hitting brick walls with no ideas on how to get over or around them

  • Ruining relationships when you blame others for difficulties

  • Feeling conquered and hopeless

  • Never learning the lessons and building the strength that comes from struggle

Let’s face it, if everything were supposed to be easy, we wouldn’t have words like effort, commitment, and resilience! Embrace the hard efforts in life to avoid the hard human consequences. Keep learning. Ask for help. Join with others to solve problems. It’s worth it. It prevents the hard human consequences of taking the easy way out.

Hard Human Consequences: Image is Oprah quote, Where there is no struggle there is no strength.

Hard Human Consequences of No Struggle. Quote by Oprah Winfrey.

What has struggle taught you? What hard work has paid off in your life?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Hard Human Consequences of Taking the Easy Way Out”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    Struggle has taught me that even when things are insanely hard, and I’m going through something that I’d never wish on anyone… I have the strength to get through it with grace and self-compassion.

    Where you ended this piece, about our expectations… I always believe we should expect the best but that doesn’t mean that it’s served to us on a silver platter. We create our experience we are not victims of it.

    Great piece and will share!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      And your last paragraph Alli sums up the essence of happiness … expect the best and be ready, willing, and able, for what it takes to reach the best.

      Many thanks!!

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