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Are you making these harmful leading morale mistakes without even knowing it? Well there is good news for you. If you care about those you lead, you can easily fix the following mistakes.

Harmful Leading Morale Mistakes: Image is the word Morale on a computer screen.

Harmful Leading Morale Mistakes You Can Easily Fix!

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16 Harmful Leading Morale Mistakes You Can Easily Fix!

Leaders, leading morale is all about treating people with respect and dignity. If that is in your heart, then you can easily fix these leading morale mistakes that come across as obnoxious and disrespectful!

    Very Harmful Leading Morale Mistakes

  1. Lying. Tell the truth.

  2. Leading unethically. Be a beacon of ethics and integrity.

  3. Being narcissistic. Think about those you lead. Serve them.

  4. Dumping your fears on them. Then why are you the leader? Show them your courage and care. Identify your fears and address them yourself.

  5. Abandoning them. Would you have high morale if your leader didn’t have your back? Be there for them!

  6. The Toxic Tap Dancing Mistakes

  7. Sidestepping your mistakes. Be accountable to them and you build morale and accountability.

  8. Flip flopping your positions. It exhausts those you lead. Think things through and clearly explain changes.

  9. Creating chaos and calling it innovation. It hurts their chance to reach the goals. Be innovative not chaotic.

  10. Playing favorites. Treat everyone with respect, dignity, and appreciation.

  11. Being moody. A leader’s mood swings drive people away. Be consistent and positive.

  12. The Communication Blunders

  13. Being blunt and mislabeling it as honesty. It’s insulting. Be honest and caring to lead morale.

  14. Expecting everyone to speak like you. Adapt to close the gap.

  15. Labeling people. Labels are high risk and low return. Speak to people to learn more instead of using generic labels.

  16. Shaming and blaming them. Shaming kills morale. Offer insight to help everyone learn.

  17. Taking them for granted. Recognize each person’s talents. Thank them for their contributions and commitment. Show them they matter.

  18. Talking too much and not listening enough. Remember, reach’em don’t preach ’em. Engage and listen to those you lead.

Leading Morale: Image is leader helping vs. standing at podium.

Leading Morale: Reach ’em don’t preach ’em! ~ Kate Nasser

Your unintentional yet harmful leading morale mistakes have long-lasting effects. Fix them early on. Then engage everyone to lead morale.

What mistakes and fixes would you dd to the list above?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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